What to visit in Los Angeles


Though our passage through Los Angeles, wave. as the United States call it, it's mostly testimonial so as not to do 24 hours of flight in a row and after relaxing (and enjoying) a little yesterday at Disney, today We have decided to try to get Paula a partial vision of a city where Isaac was already with his parents in that trip to california 1992. And we started the day where we started yesterday, at the Cora's Coffee Shope, right in front of the hotel and another of those breakfasts that make hobby (44.40 USD) that look like a fancy dinner

And knowing a partial vision of Los Angeles inevitably brings us to the area par excellence that any traveler wanting to understand the origins of movie mecca can not get lost ... !! HOLLYWOOD !! Then we will try to access the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, perhaps the Downtown and something else on a route similar to the following

We have started by Hollywood Bowl, a really incredible amphitheater, with almost "infinite" capacity, venue of major events in the city and where people like Cheers have passed, among others.


The day also accompanies and the heat begins to be noticed from the first hour of the morning. It is time to approach the most attractive area of ​​Hollywood, after taking a snack (USD 2.18). where the herd of tourists gather to see the Chinese Theater, the Kodak Theater and the huge Walk of Fame


There are currently around 2400 stars embedded in the promenade with the name of the celebrities of the five main categories of this mecca (TV, video, recording, direct and radio) and that run several blocks from the Boulevard. Also right in front of the Chinese Theater are the molds of other great characters. It is difficult to find the whim of Paula, but with a little touch up, everything is achieved, hehe


The Chinese Theater, and its more than 200 traces in cement, is where more people gather. It is also one of the great icons of this place, but ... What is that we see? !! !! In what category? LOL

And you Paula, would you like to have your own star? Siiiiiiiiiiii

Leaving the jokes and also the Hollywood sign in the background (we are not going to approach) we have chosen to go to the domains of Beverly road, known for the series Feeling of Living. Well, it goes without saying that we have gone through a multitude of corners and recognized places in a multitude of movies.

It is possible that what has surprised us the most is the area of Rodeo Drive, an area of ​​luxury boutiques, where there is also the most expensive store in the world (you just have to see the cars that park in front). To buy here you must make an appointment well in advance, but you can not even enter


But what I liked the most Pretty Woman Paula, is to recognize the hotel where the scenes of the movie that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were shot ...

Right next to it is a picturesque pedestrian street called Via Rodeo where there are also some of the best shops in Gucci, Prada or Louis Vouton


In 1934 the largest outdoor market was founded in the city of Los Angeles. This is today the Farmer's Market, and more than 140 stores, restaurants and cafes are crowded today around a grove and give us shelter to eat something (USD 8.92), since the sun is hitting hard at this time.

A pleasant walk, some purchase (USD 2.69) and other snacks (USD 3.69)…


... and we put feet in dusty again to try to reach the L.A. Newcastle, leaving aside Melrose Ave, another street of fashion stores famous for another series. We also see Sunset Strip, where people are famous in the glamorous nightclubs.

A serious problem of this city is called TRAFICO. It is absolutely unbearable. It is a city that was determined to grow around large avenues and today are authentic corks if great rail or subway alternatives. Getting anywhere leads !! hours !! Of course, small strollers are seen, especially also in Santa Monica where we stayed with luxury convertibles.

We pass by the Staples Center, home of many sports teams, the LA Live / Nokia where the Emmy awards are delivered, the Chinatown that arrived in the 1930s, planned and owned by 2 Chinese, and even until Walt Disney Hall designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.


But our curiosity is far from the great modern buildings, but our final destination is Olvera Street, the true cradle of Los Angeles, a walk to the past when the city was nothing more than a population center of 40 people around agriculture, dating from the Mexican / Spanish settlement. Today the oldest Church, Our Lady Queen of Los Angeles, still survives.


The oldest houses survive here, and even a kind of permanent market run by families of Mexican origin.

Although people have been changing their customs since our visit in 1992, you still see obese people in every corner. It is something that does not surprise us. Here everything is big. You order a hamburger and they bring it to you maximized. You order a coffee for breakfast and they bring you a bowl. You order prawns and they bring you half a kilo. All this not to mention a diet that flees from vegetables, fruits, etc ... Anyway ...

In order not to have trouble going to the airport at the last minute, we have decided tocatch the day in our area, Santa Monica, where we are surprised to see the large expanse of beach, not only in length but the width of several hundred meters that it has until it reaches the water.

Here you will also find, distributed every 50-100 meters, the booth stands of "Los Vigilantes de la Playa"


Although perhaps the memory we have of them differs a lot from the current ones… hahaha

Santa Monica Pier is another classic of Hollywood movies. Some thiller shot here comes to mind, where some mutilated body appeared on the piles themselves that hold the dock. It is an illusion to be seeing it in person


Tonight it seems that there will be some concerts and the pedestrian avenue of the pier is full of people and super-temperate. The Ferris Wheel and the roller coaster work now more than ever

But if there is something that makes Isaac special, it’s that absolutely RETRO recreational machine room reminiscent of the spirit of the 80s, from movies like Los Goonies, Tron or Back to the Future. Here they keep even Pacman himself. And what about that machine of the Tarot that seems taken from the Big movie? How we love that eighties spirit ...


He sunset on the pier of Santa Monica is a privilege while hundreds of people continue to enjoy the last hours of sun


While the ferris wheel turns and turns, the waves beat on the piles of the pier or the crowded shore. An impromptu entertainer makes a music show and people surround him. Others simply walk hand in hand, or sit in the multitude of establishments to put something for the stomach (we also said goodbye with a piece of hamburger -20.21 USD-). This is the It him spirit of Santa Monica that already haunted us last night.

We return to our humble motel, the Seaview Motor Motel, which contrasts with the luxurious Lows Santa Monica or Crown Plaza that are around, but it has been a perfect place to fall asleep these two last nights in our Ikea room. The lady who runs the business and speaks Spanish, has been installed here for 50 years, and has been enormously hospitable to us, allowing us to leave the backpacks at the reception itself (which has nothing to do with the rooms since it seems taken from a movie of terror) and taking care of it all day, in addition to giving us all kinds of facilities to change us.


Although we always give you all the information to organize transfers on your own, if you have little time or prefer something easy, you have the following option NO LANGUAGE PROBLEM and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. The transfer from Los Angeles can be from airport to hotel (the driver will wait for you with a sign) or vice versa (or both). The price is per vehicle (NOT person)

Transfer Airport-Hotel in Los Angeles

We say goodbye to her and we set our way to LAX AIRPORT

Right now, as we write this, We have already billed our backpacks for Port Vila (Vanuatu) via Fiji and we are waiting in the boarding lounge of the flight (after a minicike for 7 USD) that takes us to Nadi (Fiji). Now, the real adventure begins ...


If all goes well we will arrive in Port Vila around 12 in the morning. There is a flight to Tanna at 15:30, which only lasts about 25 minutes, which we will try to catch for the first day to sleep on the island of Yasur Volcano. We have also contacted a kind of rustic cabins and if we catch the flight, they give us accommodation.

There are flights back every morning to Port Vila, so maybe we can try to return after a couple of days if we can see the hell of the volcano.

They are waiting for us another 10 hours and 40 minutes ahead, on the immense Pacific Ocean ...


... but that is already part of another great little story, leaving behind one day, really ... FILM

Isaac and Paula, already from Air Pacific flight FJ811

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:85.40 USD (approx. 71.17 EUR)