Antarctic travel thanks


It's 13'45 when the 747/400 of Aerolineas Argentinas poses its train on the runway from Barajas, Madrid.

Both Joan and I seem to have gone first class, rather than a tourist, since the plane was half empty and we had each one !!! 3 SEATS !!! For us alone. Total, which I have prepared a bed that even the bunk of Molchanov would make and until 12'00 I have not opened my eye. So it's nice to fly, haha

Joan stays in Madrid to visit family and to take his car, since he had come in it. I say goodbye to him, but I know, unlike Angela, Josep or Manel, I will see him more often, since he lives in Coruña, and surely we will call soon. A hug Joan, and take care. It has been a pleasure to meet you.

While I take the opportunity to eat (!! oleee, anchovies and sugar cane !! 10.65 EUROS), catch up (1.20 EUROS) and buy water (1.50 EUROS). But of course, Spain is different, and if in 24 days of travel I have not had any problem with navebus, airplanes, accommodations, buses, boats or any other discipline (although it is not normal in Argentina, it seems to be) ... today it was up to Spanair to do what it always does, delay flights. Like Iberia. Like Air Europa. Like all. And this is because we all allow it. But well, as it is 2 hours, and although I am tired (my face says so), we will have to wait ...

... family, how's that potato omelet? hehehehe. See you in less than 3 hours !!

UPGRADE: After 21:30 I finally went home. All my closest and dearest people They shared with me those delicious potato tortillas prepared by my mother and my grandmothers and that ham that my father cuts so well. I will not deny it. It is a pleasure to come home like this. He was already missing ...

It's time to unpack, give gifts, order memories ...

Assimilating a trip like this is going to cost me a little, but a multitude of photos will help me in this task. Now Christmas comes, and with them free time to locate me again, where I will take advantage, among other things, to update all travel arrangements, luggage items, photographic equipment, more photos and, as always, the conclusions (as soon as I return to reality, in a few days).

Meanwhile, I didn't want to miss this last day to send a big hug to so many people with whom I shared this trip from inside and outside: To all the readers who have written or not (fmanega, family and friends of Angela, Sacribros, my own family, Juve and Ruth, Chelo, Tilo, etc ... etc ...). Juana de Sayhueque in Buenos Aires, Fernando Semproni in Montevideo, Los Chispas, María, Jose Manuel ... in Cabo Polonio, Carlos in Colonia de Sacramento, all the people of Molchanov and all my companions, especially Toni, Carmen, Joan and Merce and Joan Oliver ... and above all, those three people who have made my trip, already unforgettable in itself, was still a greater experience, Manel, Angela and Josep (which I find hard to have already landed in Barcelona). It has really been a pleasure!

Already shaving my expeditionary beard, looking tired, but very happy, I say goodbye to everyone ... I do not keep the backpack, I just put it away, since my next destination begins on DECEMBER 30! See you soon!

Isaac, from A Coruña (Spain)