Madeira tours


Enjoy one of the routes up the levadasof the island, a jewel for lovers of hiking, leaves some sequel but it seems that the team is still complete, haha. And although yesterday we discovered what makes the "Atlantic Garden" most famous, Madeira offers the traveler much more, especially the photography and panoramic enthusiast.

Yesterday we enjoyed a route through the east of the island, today it will be the Route of the Viewpoints that occupies our time.

What excursions can be made in Madeira?

Apart from the dozens of hiking trails, and the visits to Funchal that we will see in the next few days, Madeira has crowd of attractions They are well worth visiting. Do we review them?

- Levadas. Hiking trails throughout the island and of which you have all the information in the previous article. The most famous is thelevada and waterfall tour of Caldeirão Verde.
- Funchal. Monte (Nostra Senhora do Monte. Botanical Garden. Carreiros. Monte Palace). Tukxi Old Town. Markets Nightlife You can also make aFunchal private tour in Spanish for you or your group.
- Cabo Girao. Viewpoint on a cliff of 600 meters, the highest in Europe.
- Viewpoints of interest. Encumeada, Eira do Serrado, ...
- House of Wolves. Picturesque town with the best cuisine (espetada).
- Machico. The first city that the Portuguese conquerors stepped on.
- Porto Moniz. Natural pools of interest
- San Vicente Caves. Caves and galleries excavated by lava millions of years ago.
- Traditional houses of Santana. The famous highs and World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.
- More towns of interest. Ribeira Brava, Curral das Freiras, Ponta do Sol, Madalena do Mar, Calheta, Ponta do Pargo, Seixal, Ponta Delgada, Boa Ventura, Sao Jorge, Porto Da Cruz, Santa Cruz, Ribeiro Frio, Paul do Serra
- Catamaran tour along the coast. Dolphin and whale watching as well as observing the incredible cliffs.
- Beaches. Madeira IS NOT A BEACH DESTINATION. Who wants to spend a couple of days should catch a ferry from Porto Santo Line to the island of Porto Santo (2h - 100km), which has a natural beach of 9 km in length or do the Porto Santo full day excursion from Funchal including tour to meet her. Still on the main island there are two artificial beaches.
- Other activities. Fishing, diving, paragliding, surfing, horse riding, bird watching


Rental car. Without a doubt, one of the best options. Of course, take a powerful one for the steep slopes, you have our advice on
Public transport. See, and
Taxis Agreed prices quite reasonable for full days
Agency. The largest excursion company in the world GetYourGuides Madeira also has the possibility of online reservations with cancellation option until the day before

The viewpoint route: Pico dos Barcelos, Eira do Serrado and Cabo Girao

Our route is not going to pick up so many places, but today we may leave for the most scenic Madeira, that of the viewpoints. This has been our route ...

Of all of them, it is possibly the Pico dos Barcelos (1) The one with the most bittersweet flavor has left us. It is possible that the smoke caused by a "rastroxos queima" was the culprit.


This viewpoint is perched on the city leaving a beautiful panoramic view, so it is possible that we will return tomorrow if it gives us time and the less charged atmosphere.

When we all turn to search engines, possibly the most attractive image is usually that of a small town nestled between imposing mountains of vertical gorges. To get here we go back to the interior of the island and start climbing a mountain where the stops are continuous at the intersections of two buses, due to its narrowness. Finally, and walking a bit along a hill, we arrive at our destination.


We are in the Eira do Serrado (2), at 1094 m of altitude that we have reached in just 14 km from the coast, and one of the most spectacular points of the whole island.


It is certainly incredible how man can access seemingly inaccessible places, even when the old roads have been buried by rockfalls.

At this point there is also a restaurant / hotel, where those who want to enjoy the best views of great beauty, do not have to have the slightest doubt that it is their place.

Going back on our steps and returning, now if, to the coast, we will enjoy the third viewpoint in the morning, and possibly the one that has triumphed the most in the group, the Cabo Girao Viewpoint (3).


A glass platform, in addition to being a challenge for those suffering from vertigo, warns that we are on the cliff with more fall that could be visited. !! 580 meters above sea level under our feet!


Again any qualifier falls short ... the views are really shocking! of everything under our feet.


At this point in the "function" I must admit that I feel comfortable with the group. Everyone has welcomed me in an exceptional way, including Guille, the camera, which every time I release them (which are not a few times) is a good laugh that I wish I had on a day-to-day basis. Nice guy where there are them.

But I could spend hours writing for everyone, although what I like most is that REALLY HEALTHY environment that I missed so much and that make work a real pleasure


So we have not stopped doing the "goose" for a while in this viewpoint. And the place lends itself to it, especially with Ignacio and Ainara, who say no to any "hooligan"

Faja dos Padres, the ecological beach

But we are already late, and before lunch we still have an experience worth considering adventure. How to access in this similar area of ​​coast to a beach? !!It's almost impossible!!


In Girdle two Fathers (4) you can descend one of the most vertical walls of the coast in an old panoramic elevator built in 1982, although it does not look "too confident" (especially when the operator tells us that before using it back, let's wait about 4 minutes to cool).

Thus, in just 5 minutes, we descend the cliff smoothly and slowly, so I would say that everyone could dare.


The objective of this place is, in addition to eating in one of the most special corners of the island, enjoy one of the few beaches that Madeira has. And is that the main island is not a claim of beaches as we said yesterday, with just a couple of them artificial, you just have to see the "fine sand" that accompanies us ... !! which is not an impediment to a good dip!!


Faja dos Padres also enjoys a unique microclimate throughout the year, which allows the cultivation of the main tropical fruits, which together with the privilege of fishing (and a good beer) allows us to enjoy another typical food of the most ecological in the best possible location.

Before returning to the top, where our driver is waiting for us today, we have taken the opportunity to stroll through the plantation area, where avocados, bananas, pineapples and other exotic fruit trees extend over several hectares.

Perhaps I ignore this type of matter, but it has struck me to see the strange banana blossom in a place like this.


A "punch" in the House of Wolves

Reach Two Wolves Chamber (5) It is very reminiscent of the most unknown fishing villages in deep Galicia.

The smell of fresh fish is something that would distinguish miles (I think) already. Although Cámara de Lobos also has the best of those villages where it is nice to walk along its promenade in front of the sea, or enjoy the many taverns and its most varied drinks


Punch: White rum or brandy, lemon juice and cane honey
Ginja: Sour cherry liqueur (sometimes with cinnamon)
Pe goat: Dry wine with black beer, sugar, lemon and chocolate powder
Nikita: Beer, ice cream and pineapple chunks
Castanha liquor: Chestnut liqueur, especially in autumn
Madeira: very celebrated in the archipelago
Natural fruit juices: of papaya, guava, passion fruit, mango…

It is said that this place is named after the ancient sea lions that inhabited the bay. However, the few that remain today survive in the uninhabited Wild Islands and Desert Islands, also belonging to the Madeira archipelago, although only about forty copies. I will never forget that show ofCabo Polonio in Uruguay of life of this particular animalejo.


Although without going so far, the old people of the place, still retain the traditions that we do not lose in Spain either. What better option for an afternoon like this than a good game of letters with the neighbors? It is a pleasure to see the most authentic traditions! foreign to the tourist, enjoying his daily routine.

The walk is not very long, and after leaving the port and seeing the best views of the bay, we enter what appears to be the most historic town center, where taverns and old businesses still survive for the traveler.


And although yesterday we tried it lightly, today we expect another tasting of "Poncha" which will serve to recharge energy. This particular drink of brandy, cane honey and lemon, in addition to being a good "ball" serves to say goodbye to Camara de Lobos and a route of a day very "bird's eye view."


Insurance? Noooo! Cris and I have gone with Ignacio and Ainara, to their particular search for blue hour. The goal has been a high viewpoint to see Funchal, and among them we have fallen into one "Mirador das Neves". Ignacio, after much searching, has sneaked into a roof where he has found his best views. Cristina, Ainara and Isaac, we have found the one that appears in the typical postcards of the city, and the sunset has been extremely beautiful.

Ainara is a true charm. It still helps me a lot, and I think I've learned more in 2 days with her, than in all my photographic life. Okay, maybe it won't be seen in my photos yet ... but someday I'll get some dignity to complete these diaries.

In the meantime, with my "particular magic hour", in which I would love to have the other part of Keys that have stayed at home (Paula), and as I write this I think he would run away with his eyes closed, I say goodbye one more night my particular "minube" experience (Although you will find my corners soon there on my return).

Isaac, from Funchal - Madeira (Portugal)