Eguisheim, a charming village in France


The route through the beautiful Alsace has taken us today to Colmar, passing by Guebwiller, Turckheim and Eguisheim, a town in France with special charm, of those that sometimes we find ourselves looking for when we prepare our trips and that it is very worthwhile. And Colmar? Perhaps it deserves a separate chapter that we will tell you tomorrow.

The day began early, in the population of Mulhouse where yesterday we had found the magic of Christmas and today ... the snoweeeeeee !! Snow everywhere. Often the one that has fallen tonight that has forced us to "scrape"

That has done, that although we thought to get up a little more early, we waited for the roads to improve to reach the first village (just 20 minutes) and checkout (parking 7 EUR) in the Ibis Mulhouse Center Ville

It was around 9:30 when we were already entering Guebwiller, the most unknown place we would see today.

Guebwiller, the capital of the three churches

Perhaps the reason for stopping at Guebwiller has been more to have breakfast in a town with a certain charm, than to know it deeply. However, the former capital of the possessions of Murbach Abbey, Guebwiller, we were pleasantly surprised and does not usually appear in the most read guides

Bathed by the Lauch, we are at the entrance to the Florival Valley between vineyards and mountains. Let's not forget that in addition to Christmas, one of Alsace's main claims are its wines

However, in this case, we were surprised that the city isdominated by three churches, each of a different style, to the Game of Thrones.

The Romanesque church of St. Leger (from the 13th and 13th centuries) contrasts with the Gothic of the Dominican convent, and in turn both with the neoclassical art of Notre Dame. If all this were not enough, the modern style of the houses of the architect Sautier on rue República, complete a "berengenal" care.

Before the persistent snowfall we have chosen to make a small breakfast (4.20 EUR) and continue our route, although before leaving the area we can not fail to mention that the remains of the hugstein castle, as well as the ruins of Burgstall Castle. As he is very close, we have approached him but they had already warned us that there are no castles in this area that deserve too much worth except for the Haut-Kroenisgbourg Castle (which we will see in the next few days if we are good)

Eguisheim, a town in France with special charm

If one is looking for "charming people of France" it would certainly be fair for Eguisheim to be among the many that the Gallic country has and more now that it also has the "The Favorite Villa of France "since 2013. According to the GPS we were getting closer to him we did not know if we were entering a painting or in an idyllic village far from our dimension (photo of the tourist office). The prepared parking on the outskirts costs 2 EUR and is 2 minutes from the entrance (advice: carry loose, the machine does not accept tickets either)

This jewel in the middle of Alsace is recognized as one of the most beautiful and unique villages in France, since it has the peculiarity that its streets are arranged in concentric circles and that it had been fortified in 1257.

But not only that, but also their cobbled streets, its network of old houses with reddish roofs, its wooden balconies or its fountains and churches, generate a color in a town where you can breathe true calm and tranquility

We have made the recommended route, taking a first outside tour, where you can see the alleyways of the postcards entering, of course, in each and every one of its stores (gifts 4.20 EUR), to each one more beautiful ...

... with some stop "we could say" necessary in the typical patisseries of the Alsace (called Bretzellerie) where we tried a kind of pizza for 4 EUR)

However, the variety of sweets is wide and as Paula looks at them, I think "some" will fall more these days

The town is also famous because here was born the one that would be Pope Leon IX, son of the counts of the town, although in the middle of Christmas we looked for something else ... and we found it! Today we also coincide with the market!

Schedules and dates of the Christmas market in Eguisheim:You can check it directly in the Christmas web in the Alsace in case it varies another year, although they usually keep the same dates.

- Dates: From November 28 to December 30 (from 27 to 30 it is called "Market of the Magi")

- Hours: From 9am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday (Saturday until 8pm)

Surely both Mulhouse yesterday and this one located in Place Du Marché are not the Street markets more spectacular that we will see these days (Colmar and Strasbourg take all eyes), but we still love them.

The taste of the whole and of each stand in particular is exquisite. We must recognize that we are missing a bit of it in Spain yet

Eguisheim It also has the honor of being the place where the wine industry in Alsace began, and that, what is now a maze, has always had the perfect climate for this kind art of wine (and more gifts for 15 EUR)

The Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul It is rebuilt at the end of the 13th and 14th century in the Gothic style and there is nothing left of its old Romanesque church.

Thus, walking through its streets we pass by Château Saint-Léon, the 4 main sources (of the Market Square of 1557, of the Virgin of 1563, of the Lower Gate of 1841 and of San León of 1834 and with a capacity of 80,000 liters -the largest in Alsace-)

It is time to leave behind one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages we have been to, also the neighboring Schlossberg hill and its three castles (Weckmund, Wahlenbourg, Dagsbourg) that are very punished too ...

... and set course for another nearby village.

Turckheim, the men's watch village

The route of the Christmas region, or for others known as the Alsace wine route, if you have anything, there are more quick-visit villages that are well worth a stop (and the flexibility of a rental car). Thus we have come to Turckheim, a villa that can be seen in an hour but not less magical.

To us, we must recognize that everything sounds like German. Where are those names of that gala language that sound so good when they are pronounced? The reason we have been discovering it little by little and is that this area of ​​France belonged to Germany so we are in a mixture between the most turbulent German history and that French flavor we are looking for, in a more relaxed style. Although first !! To eat !! Another tavern like yesterday (52.40 EUR)

It turns out that Paula has seen something like "Noel's Hamburger" but nobody worries, it has nothing to do with the chubby dressed in red. Noel is Christmas in French and the hamburger looks great (including foie)

Turckheim, today at the foot of the vineyards, and very close to Colmar, was founded there by the year 700 and its historic center is simply wonderful, full of narrow streets of houses with lintels doors, coats of arms or unusual inscriptions in The modern era.

By the way, nobody gets lost as soon as you enter to the left, one of the hotels with more Christmas claim that we have seen throughout the world, with a facade full of stuffed animals, Santa hats and ornaments of all kinds

The walk is so small, it is not worth a map, and where the walls still protect the small town

The legend is not forgotten:

From 1953 Turckheim, every night at 22:00 (in high season from May until the end of October), the men of the night clock make their rounds, singing old songs, and taking the streets. They recover an ancient tradition so that nobody forgets to turn off their lights. It is said that locals and tourists join in the rounds making this night event a true historical and legendary spectacle.

Unfortunately, we are in a population that has gone through all kinds of hardships, from enemy attacks to looting, through epidemics and a terrible war scene in 1675, when General Turenne mercilessly crushed the imperial invaders.

Picturesque (and the first time we see it too) the houses with the Advent calendar in which every day at 17'00 they have been opening their windows from December 1 to 24

Thus, reliving history, we have been walking through the Place Turenne where the town hall survives next to a sturdy tower of the church of several eras, the Grand Rue (where a beautiful half-timbered house and a bay window rests on a wooden pillar standing out above the others) and the three large doors (once with a drawbridge) that are those of Munster, France and Brand

Finally, also refer to a small gallery in this round that in addition to being full of ornaments, invites you to have a nice time or bring a little gift more

For those who like hiking, there is a historic tour on a wine trail, which leaves from Brand's door

Colmar, the little Venice of Alsace

In this trip from South to North of the Alsace, a population that has achieved the best qualifications for its picturesque canals that ancient merchants furrowed in the 16th century making it its main commercial port can not be missing. We entered around 3:30 p.m. and stayed for two nights at theSaint-Martin Hotel (COMPLETE ARTICLE ABOUT THE HOTEL HERE) (We could not have chosen better and more central), although Paula and just looking out the window just lets us rest for a while ... Christmas and more Christmas!

Although we will speak more calmly tomorrow and we will not detail much, if we had to choose a town to define the birth of Christmas in Europe, without a doubt that would be Colmar

Five markets, details in every corner, in each alley, Christmas carols in the streets, stands of all kinds of items (including that mulled wine 2 EUR + 1 EUR for the glass slogan that we already have two for the collection) and, although we have stopped in several of them, our course has taken us to a really special area (with some other souvenir for 9.50 EUR)

The Petite Venise or Little Venice It is a neighborhood to which we will return tomorrow that at dusk it can be one of the most romantic areas of the Alsace, in an area of ​​restaurants next to the channels and illuminated in a way that generates a lot of privacy.

We have decided on one "Les Bateliers", and we have been lucky with a table on the terrace right next to the river at a time that has started to snow again. And, how not? We have continued to try typical Alsatian dishes, with another type of soup, a chicken in Riesling sauce (a local wine), a glass of a dry wine called "Pinot Noir" (52 EUR)

By the way, we have realized that if you ask for water they serve you jugs without commitment and we have joined it. Very good habit.

The dish of the day - Choucroute:

Today we have tried a typical Germanic food that is also widespread in Poland or Russia, which is achieved by fermenting cabbage leaves in salted water and combined with a kind of "cooked" with sausage, sausages and various meat. Very hot for the cold

Tourists have disappeared at this time, say, we were pleasantly surprised that there are not as many people as we imagined. The fact that we are at the end of the date of the markets we assume that it affects). See you tomorrow Petite Venise!

The streets, now lonely, look beautiful with those colors that only Christmas leaves.

Colmar has a lot to tell, but we'll do that tomorrow. Today we are delighted with the most unknown small route in southern Alsace, where from Guebwiller to Turckheim, it has opened its doors Egusheim, a town in France with very special charm

Isaac and Paula, from Colmar (France)