Nakayasu Ryokan in Kanazawa


After our steps through Kyoto and Miyajima on the trip through JapanWe will go to the Ishikawa area. There we will stay one night in the ancient city of Kanazawa. Among all the possible accommodations we have stayed with the Nakayasu Ryokan (Japanese only, UPDATE 2010: You already have a web in English), cheap, central and very close to the Geishas neighborhood of Kanazawa.

KanazawaIt is recognized, above all, for having one of the most beautiful gardens in all of Japan, as well as being rich in stories and traditions since the establishment of the Ikko busdist sect for many centuries. What kind of accommodations are we looking for here?

- After the whim of Miyajima, here we return to the cheap accommodation policy.
- We are looking for a typical Japanese Ryokan to continue enjoying "something different"
- Japanese style room with private bathroom, as always.
- Central, to have quick access to the Kanazawa Station but to be near a neighborhood to enjoy some of the night.

his Location as we said before, unbeatable. Close to Kerkouren, Kanazawa Castle and the Higashi Chaya Tea and Geishas neighborhood.

The room What we have booked is Japanese style with bathroom inside it and private for the two of us. We will sleep again on futons. Getting more information from the web is difficult, so we will update on the way back. We also do not know a priori how it is in terms of cleaning. Of course, it has a total of 21 rooms equipped with television, towels, etc ...

More things to note are that you have does not have internet connection, the staff does not speak English and has free parking

Breakfast, as we said before, is included in the price of the hotel.

We invite you, as always, to make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

The truth is that when we began to look for Ryokans in Kanazawa, we had not been convinced by anything and we caught this with much suspicion. Reality has shown us! How wrong we were! Possibly the pleasant surprise as travel accommodations.

The situation For our route of the day it has been a success. It is 5 minutes walk from the Geishas District of Kanazawa, where we would end the day and another 5 minutes from the entrance to the great Castle complex and the famous garden, the city's main tourist attraction.

Its appearance is of old wooden house. And of course, as soon as you enter, as is usual in this type of accommodation, the first thing we do is leave the footwear at the entrance. Everything is impeccable of cleaning.

We are served by an "old lady" (very similar to Yoda, the one of the wars of the galaxies, haha) that does not understand just English. This is understood by one of the young girls who are also attending the hotel. Anyway, the universal language of gestures serves everything ...

He Check-in It is from noon, but you can leave your bags and go back to the evening to do it.

Inside it has a kind of waiting room and a dining room where you can have breakfast and dinner. When you check-in, you can tell them if you want to have dinner and the kind of breakfast you want (Japanese or Western type)

They have very decorated everything in detail, stuffed deer and some more frikada ...

If we continue on our way to the rooms, we can see two baths to relax of customer use. They are separated by gender (male and female). The rooms are located upstairs.

The room that we choose, Japanese type, is a very large tatami, where at night you come to place the futons. It has plugs, air conditioning, television with remote control and other facilities.

He bath in the entrance part. On the one hand there is the toilet with a dryer and a kind of neverita and on the other the "poceta" type bathroom with a W.C. All impeccable cleaning. In addition, in the built-in closet, in addition to having the traditional Yukatas, we have two little bags (one pink and one blue) where inside we have combs, shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc ...

It has a laptop next to reception where to connect free internet.

Night comes and the tatami of the room (very spacious) becomes the best place to sleep. Very comfortable futons cover it. The pillow is sand. I think our back never rested, hehe.

They do not accept a credit card but, unlike other Ryokans, you pay in "cash" at check-out. They also give you a little gift when you leave (a little box with some Japanese chopsticks, some figurines, etc ...)

Highlight, without a doubt, the breakfast. !!! COMPLETISIMO !!! The Japanese breakfast consists of a fried fish, a kind of miso, rice, and several other things. The "Western or Western" is a luxury: Coffee, milk, fruit, eggs, bacon, soup, a small salad ... Chapeau!

To book here, as in some other ryokan, we had to do it through your contact email but in 2 email exchanges we already had everything organized. The email to book is email protected (UPDATE 2010: email protected is the new email to book with attention in English - UPDATE 2015: It is already in the reservation portals). price for the night the 2 people It is 18,900 yen (approximately 115 euros) including breakfast. In one room it is Japanese type with bedroom and private bathroom.Check availability and prices here for the Nakayasu Ryokan

Would we recommend it? Without a doubt You can say it has everything, good-pretty-cheap. Without a doubt, it is recommended by CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac, from Kanazawa (Japan)