Atenas Playa, the best beach bar in La Barrosa


Come on! Be sincere! If I tell you a beach bar while you read this article (while you are not yet on vacation), admit that you get that little mischievous smile while your head teleports you unconsciously to those "sacred places" of the gastronomy of Spain in which, After some dip another, step on the fine sand and breathe that Mediterranean sea breeze, can you imagine almost salivating by that dish that you already see or that cold beer that awaits you (Be careful if you are in the office that are seeing you with that face your classmates!). What if we go further? There have been few who have trodden these days (Vavá, Mojama, ...) but, for us, The best beach bar in La Barrosa is the Athens Beach. Beach bar? Because this? We would almost dare to say that it is rather a Beach Club because they have transformed the beach bar concept where to eat in a small paradise where to taste the best Mediterranean cuisine, taste cocktails, natural or combined juices of fruits, mojitos or all kinds of drinks in another environment relaxed, let yourself be seduced by one of the best sunsets on the peninsula in a Balinese bed or even enjoy a night of partying with live music ... and all this in one of the most impressive beaches we have in our country. Do you notice that it is our second home already?

In our case, as always when we found a charming restaurant or restaurant (we had already doneAtunante Restaurant on our last trip), we tell you our experience, always true and independent, in case it works for your future vacations.

In search of the best beach bar in La Barrosa

There are two seasons that we have been in this area of ​​Sancti Petri, rising in front of the beach of La Barrosa and, fortunate, enjoying that sun almost always guaranteed. The first time, as a couple, it was somewhat shorter and more focused on knowing the main coastal towns and the white villages of the mountains but in this second, with little Olivia, we can say that we have set up "the office" and have had more time for those more special gastronomic experiences. Among them, we have passed through practically all the beach bars of our great beach from Vavá, almost right in front of our apartment, to Albatros, passing through La Loma or La Torre, all of them great. However, those who, like us, are looking for a special evening, a place of reference, an impressive gastronomic menu of truly elaborated products or, even, a party after sunset (we cannot talk about this, Oli has not left us), you will arrive like us at Atenas Playa, the best beach bar in La Barrosa.

¿From 12 to 2.30? From the moment we saw their schedule they managed to attract our attention. The concept of a beach bar where you can have a coffee, an ice cream, go to lunch or dinner, was somewhat short for such a margin of hours. The next thing was to discover we were, as they say in their official Web, in "a small paradise nestled in an idyllic setting"to whom It is accessed by one of the wooden walkways (accompanied by Indian lanterns) from a nearby parking that arrive at the foot of La Barrosa beach.

The Athens Beach can be considered a true Beach Club from the moment it has 3 different spaces. The first, the restaurant itself that is the one that we are going to "taste us" with little Olivia where what really surprises is to see one of the most extensive and varied Mediterranean cuisine we have seen these days.

Adjacent, a bar with high tables and chairs and a sand area, are the ideal plan for which you preferto tapas, a cocktail, mojito or just a quiet coffee. This is where, at sunset, a special ritual of a saxophonist with a singer, they open the party that continues with DJs and other performances and where the drinks, wines, champange, cavas, gintonics or more delicious cocktails make more sense

If the previous one was clearly the restaurant area, this could perfectly be considered the Chill Out area

Finally, I could not miss that most modern hammock area and, especially, Balinese beds taken to its more luxurious concept, where there is also a wide range of massages at quite reasonable prices that are given with sea views. Double feeling of relaxation?

The beach bar is backed directly byMiguel Grande, famous restorer of the capital (Los Galayos Restaurant) and, what is most striking is that, unlike others from the same beach and although it already has a time ... IT SMELLS NEW! thanks to the reform and the pampering that they put from the protocol of the service as well as the cleaning itself.

Athens Playa Restaurant, our experience

Presented the Athens Beach, touch "taste it". We booked at 14'00 to eat with our friend Javi, we left the car in the upper parking lot, very close to the RIU, and went down the wooden stairs to the height of the fine sand of La Barrosa where a small ramp and sculptures that seem taken from Greek mythology, welcome us.

We had called to book although you can book on the official website directly and luckily we did it because, being Monday, there were already many tables with the reserved sign.

We opted for a white wine from Cadiz to drink while observing that The menu is not reduced to the 8 specialties that beach bars usually have ... more than 14 starters! to which add 3 types of salads, 6 fried, 8 rice and pasta recipes and countless fish and meat options.

What specialties are the ones that caught our attention? Hummus with cane honey, Puntillitas with free-range eggs and peppers of two colors, Nachos Atenas with Pico de Gallo, guacamole and melted cheedar cheese, many types of salads, Rice with a band and Paella with fish and shellfish with crayfish and prawns that You can not miss in a Mediterranean beach bar, the Cannelloni XXL of oxtail and cheek with cheese fondue, Hamburger Athens retinta with everything, the Iberian secret Meatballs with our homemade sauce or the Tuna Tartare, not forgetting the classic tortillitas shrimp or that salmorejo that has not been missing any day since we arrived

Besides of gazpacho, we opted for share the sprigs of poultry eggs and peppers (DO NOT STOP ORDERING THEM, everything was spectacular but this scrambled never before) and some Iberian croquettes

From main dish, Javi chose theVegetable and mushroom risotto with cheese to which the waiter nodded, implying that it was one of his favorite dishes (and so it was from our friend), Paula for aChicken, arugula, cheese and secret sauce focaccia and I, inevitably for him Tuna tartare... of photo! while Oli, already eating, hallucinated with what was coming.

I must admit that I am a fan of tuna in its freshest state, both in its Japanese recipes (in sushi or sashimi) as a good tataki, tartar or similar. This tartare with egg and soybeans has been the best I have tasted in the dozens of places in the world where I have asked for them ... another essential to order!

Regarding the price, including a final coffee and some handmade apricot shots I could not describe but it was "addictive" (I do not want to imagine the cocktails), we paid por more than 90 EUR for 3 adults, which to be on vacation in the place we were and with 3 starters and 3 main courses, we found it very reasonable.

By the way, mention a detail that usually goes unnoticed. As the tables were filling, not only the attention of the service was great at all times, but we even had up to 5 waiters attending, regardless of the Chill Out area or the one that receives you, which meant that the Wait between request and dishes was almost nil.

Final opinion of Atenas Playa and some considerations

As you know (and we were saying lines above) we are very "fans" of looking for those gastronomic places and restaurants with charm around the world. How many opinions of this type do we have? We know that Tripadvisor exists (by the way, you know we have verified profile in the new social network also in case you want to follow us) but it is always more experiential, as we do with travel, to be able to expand here. We imagine that during the month of August it will be more complicated to get a place but, those who come, do not hesitate to let you pass through here even to taste a cocktail, combined with fruit juice or a cold beer.

Mojama Beach, Vavá Playa, Albatros, La Loma, ... all are exceptional alternatives to enjoy a romantic evening, a relaxing afternoon or a meal on the beach but, from these moments (for us, of course), Atenas Playa is the best beach bar in La Barrosa that will not be missing in our appointment of what is already our "second house and summer office". Next time you will have to try those Balinese beds or live music from sunset

Have you been inspired our experience at Atenas Playa for your future vacations? Have you salivated, like us again as we write these lines with that rissoto, tartar or those sprigs with egg and peppers? You already know that we are happy to receive comments and future suggestions. Everything that is "tripping" enters our route through the red carpet ...

Paula, Oli and Isaac (with Javi), from the Athens Beach in La Barrosa, Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz)