9 charming coastal towns of Cádiz (and map)


Since Sanlucar de Barrameda to La Linea de la Concepción, the fingers of the hand would not arrive to count the towns of Cádiz with beach (and much charm) to consider a route or base from which to visit one of the most authentic Spanish provinces and that was the object of our trip Easter Are you thinking about destinations for next year? We present a small list of 9 charming coastal towns of Cádiz (with its main claims, link to detailed articles we have made and map to locate them). UPDATED 2019

Map of Cádiz of charming coastal towns that will not disappoint you

So important is to know how to place them on a map. And when you consider having a base that serves to organize your trip you prefer to be within walking distance of the charming coastal towns of Cádiz that you want to visit. Here we leave it!

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Charming coastal towns of Cádiz (and all its claims)

EYE! This list is very subjective of what we have known (always under our experience). Dozens of the coastal towns of Cádiz are charming and it would be impossible to describe them all in one article but we are going to give you the ones who fell in love with us on our trip. From west to east

1. Sanlúcar de Barrameda (tasting its prawns)

On the left bank of the estuary that forms the Guadalquivir River, in front of the Doñana National and Natural Park, this town was one of our must-see places that we knew we were not going to miss.

But to plan "what to see in Sanlúcar de Barrameda"You have to go beyond its old town and drop down the renovated Bajo de Guía promenade, where you can taste its best cuisine like those famous authentic prawns throughout Spain

Chamomile, flamenco and summer tourism, even with horse races on the beach, complete the offer of one of the charming coastal towns of Cádiz that we liked the most.


From Sanlucar you will be quite close to another stop to the north that, if you have a chance, you can not miss. You already know which one we are talking about, right? Right! The Doñana National Park. If you feel like visiting it for free you will have toBook your ticket to the Doñana Natural Park here and look for a means of transportation (if you don't have your own private) to go there. If, on the contrary, you prefer to enjoy this adventure with a guided excursion in which you do not have to worry about any organization and planning, you can book your Excursion to Sanlúcar and Doñana from the Port of Santa María, but you decide from where you leave, because if you prefer you can book it, so you can choose as best suits you.

In Doñana you will find a mixture of different ecosystems, fauna, history ... everything! It is a highly recommended option also if you go with children, they pay less and will enjoy a lot, while they will learn about the native nature. Anyway, a success.

2. Broken (more than your Naval Base)

Rota is much more than its well-known Naval Base. Today is a holiday destination that surprised us by the tranquility it breathes and the multitude of options it offers.

From its urban beaches to its small old area, it is well worth adding for a walk on your route along the Cadiz coast.

3. The Port of Santa María (and its "fried fish")

It was the Senior Keys that encouraged us to approach El Puerto de Santa María, a settlement dating back to Roman times with the construction of the new mouth of the Guadalete mouth.

At present it is far from those times and, although it offers a multitude of cultural offer, it was the gastronomic that attracted us most. Wineries and "fried fish" in a terrace. What more could you want?

In the high season it is one of the favorite destinations for foreigners who use Cádiz as the base of a tour of their villages with beaches.


An extra option to add to your trip near the towns of Rota and El Puerto de Santa María is aExcursion to Jerez de la Frontera. A long half-day excursion, approximately 6 hours, in which you will know the famous Alcazar de Jerez, the city center, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and other stops that will lead you to fall in love with another city more than Cádiz, its charm, style and essence.

This extra excursion will allow you to extend your days in Andalusia a little more, which, once you are there, you will be very grateful because you will never want to leave.

4. Conil de la Frontera (and its white houses)

Our entrance, with accommodation in Sancti Petri, was with one of the most attractive charming villages of Cadiz for young and old, white houses and some of the best beaches in Europe and that we describe in "what to see in Conil de la Frontera"

The connoisseurs say that it is one of the most picturesque locations in the entire Costa de la Luz and reasons are not lacking, because its narrow streets contain corners that make anyone fall in love, as well as restaurants and bars to discover.

Without a doubt, one of our favorites if we had to choose among all of the list.

5. El Palmar de Vejer (and its beautiful sunsets)

El Palmar de Vejer is, more than a charming village of Cádiz, a nucleus extended by 8 km of the Atlantic coast for beach tourism lovers.

We will never forget one of the best sunsets of our life in this place, highlighted in our article "The 7 best beaches in Cádiz (desired in the Caribbean)"

If you want to know a little beyond the town you can ask yourself this Excursion to Vejer and Medina Sidonia that will take you to know another part of Vejer and the Medina Sidonia that, in case you do not know it, received the 2018 prize to the most charming Town of Andalusia. A mixture of gastronomy, art and nature in which to miss a day and enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer.

6. Los Caños de Meca (and its coves and cliffs)

This hamlet of Barbate is a tourist center that extends from Cape Trafalgar to the cliffs of the Natural Park of Breña and Marismas del Barbate and that constitute one of those openly recommended secrets that everyone recommended.

Coves protected from the east wind, tranquility and peace as few places in Spain offers and gastronomy at the level of the rest of the Cadiz coast, are enough references to attract anyone.

Name? It is the famous pipes that appear on the cliffs that give name to the area that, although strictly not a town, with your permission we dare to add to this list.

7. Barbate (and its tuna fishing)

If we talk about tuna fishing through the traditional art of the traps, a name comes to mind ... Barbate! And although we have tried excellent tuna around the world, especially in Japan, there is no comparison with it prepared in some of the corners of the province of Cádiz, where Barbate would be his imaginary "capital".

In addition, Barbate is an important holiday resort, full of terraces, urban beaches and parties until late in the morning for those who want it.

8. Zahara de los Atunes (and its authenticity)

Paula's favorite, with great memories of her youth, is Zahara de los Atunes that still retains one of the last great beaches of Andalusia without major urban aggressions and that spirit of decades ago

If you consider a route along the coast of Cádiz you should not do without this beautiful town even if it is a stop to eat like us.

9. Tarifa (and its division between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea)

We must recognize that we did not know Tarifa and it was one of the most pleasant surprises of our Holy Week getaway to Cádiz, a small town whose old walled area breathes one of the most magical atmospheres of all these charming villages of Cádiz and of the that we talk to you in the "what to see in Tarifa" correspondent.

Do not miss the geographical accident of the island of Las Palomas and the point that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea and is present in the beaches of both ends of the road that currently joins the point with the island.

Yes, we are aware that Chipiona, Santci Petri, Algeciras, La Línea and many other smaller ones might deserve to be on this little list, but we assure you that all we have added are coastal towns of Cádiz with special and magical charm proven by our own experience, each with its own attractions. And you, which one do you keep on the list or which one would you add?

Paula and Isaac, touring coastal towns of Cádiz with a lot of charm