8 memorable car routes through the United States for a trip


Since we have "use of traveling reason" we have always heard of the routes through the United States to which more tempting, especially its most famous route: Route 66. And who does not, right ?. Infinite roads, dreamlike landscapes, mountains and lakes in your path, feel protagonist of one of the multitude of films set here, and as in them, feel that freedom to dream. This and much more tell of the combination of American routes and their hundreds of kilometers to travel, so today we bring you a compilation of memorable United States car routes to inspire your next trip and to know the country in the best possible way.

Some of the routes that we propose in the article, for a long time, had occupied the top positions in our list of dream trips and we did not stop until we managed to do them but we did not conform, we want to "try" them all. So let's get lost by the West Coast, travel the Blues Highway, follow the Mississippi steps or keep dizziness at bay on Hawaii's Hana Highway. Are you ready?

1. Route by car along the West Coast of the United States, the essential classic

We are talking about one of the most popular in the United States and the one that has more followers. If you want to travel by car in the American West, this route cannot be missed. The qualification of road trip is precisely because here you are going to do kilometers and kilometers of car but, yes, by spectacular roads, crossing deserts and incredible landscapes, natural and imposing parks and cinematic cities.

Although you have several options to face it, depending on the days you have, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, broadly speaking, would be their main recommendations. What else can we take into account? Well, the more days you dedicate to this route, the fewer kilometers in a row and the more stops you enjoy and that the best time to do it is from May to October to ensure good weather.

2. Route by car along the East Coast, from Boston to Miami or after the iconic "sport stadiums"

Although it is less known than the previous one, a trip along the East Coast is not far behind. Cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami and others less heard but just as surprising as Baltimore, New Orleans or Atlanta. Multiple route designs can be made and even include Eastern Canada or, why not? "thematize it" in search of Emblematic stadiums of mythical teams such as the Chicago Bulls, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Steeles as we propose this Logitravel US route

These are sports venues that made famous people like Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky, among others.


Experiential tourism lovers, and in this case wine, are in luck, as states such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania are making a great commitment to the wine cellars and allows you to take a tour of landscapes between spectacular vineyards, lakes , hills, while enjoying a glass of wine at your stop of the day. Logitravel proposes the Route by car "Northeast Wine Trails" Among your program designs.

By the way, they have a physical storeLogitravel Store in Kinépolis (Madrid) for who wants to pass

Willing to be the envy of people with a truly original route through the United States? This is yours.

3. Route by car along the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, the most mythical

It is known as "The main street of America" and it is the one that first comes to mind when you think of making a route by car through the United States along the classic West Coast, hence its mythical qualification is more than right. Protagonist of endless movies was one of the first roads of this style in America, forming part of the United States Federal Highway Network and crossing much of the country.

Opened in 1926, it is born, so to speak, in Chicago (Illinois) and ends in Los Angeles (Santa Monica). The duration of your trip, to face the more than 3,700 kilometers of its route without getting tired, would be about 10 days to not miss anything of the essential. The states you cross: Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and the possibility of knowing two big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles.

4. Route by car on Route 61 from Chicago to New Orleans, the Blues Highway

We are facing the route that more can immerse you in american history not only through the struggles for rights that took place here, its landscapes of cotton fields or its Mississippi delta but, above all, for its music. In its kilometers we can find the early blues, jazz or soul so traveling the "Route 61" is not going to be any trip, it will be one that will not leave you indifferent.


Route 61 is designated by the name of Great River Road during much of its route in which we follow the Mississippi River from north to south. East Mississippi River is said to be the art of the United States and the protagonist of many of the works of one of the most important authors in the United States: Mark Twain. From Minnesota to Lousiana seeing different landscapes, climbing hills where you can enjoy spectacular views or enjoy canyons like the incredible Iowa Canyon.

What will you find on this Route 61? a city like Chicago, to visit Nashville, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana, and within the "borders" of each incredible places that will make you move to the origins of black music and its legacy.

States like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin or Kentucky will cross your path that will give you a very broad vision of this nation. They are about 3,700 kilometers that you can do without stressing between 12 and 14 days to calmly visit everything that the tour offers you.

5. Route by car through Florida through the big theme parks

A dream that every child and not so child would want to fulfill. A route through Florida and its parks is an unforgettable experience ... We assure you! Here you will find essential cities like Miami but also the fun guaranteed in the Disney and Universal theme parks as well as many others in Orlando and if you consider Cape Canaveral As one more park, on this route you can visit it.

Miami is worth a visit to see closely everything that can be done in it, its beaches, its neighborhoods and its most characteristic walks. Orlando will give you the opportunity to visit the best theme parks in the world and that go beyond Disney World with Universal Orlando Resort, Seaworl and Legoland Florida, that will delight young and old.

6. Route by car along the Florida Keys road, from islet to islet

But Florida gives another route by car combined with the previous one, also famous for the spectacular scenery. We refer to the tour between islets through an archipelago of coral cays located on the south coast of Florida. The "Overseas Highway" is considered to be one of the most spectacular roads in the world thanks to the stage through which it runs, crossing endless bridges in the middle of a Caribbean paradise. In fact it has the Seven Mile Bridge which, with its more than 10 kilometers in length, is the longest bridge in the Florida Keys.

With just over 300 kilometers if you leave from Miami, much of the Overseas Highway is built on an old railroad track, the Overseas Railroad of the year 1912, which will allow you to have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other and that will take you from Cayo Largo to Cayo West.

7. Route by car (or caravan) through Alaska from Anchorage to Valdez, between glaciers and mountains

The most remote, authentic and wild state does not disappoint. So we could check it in our trip to Alaska recent. A route that begins in Anchorage towards spectacular unique glaciers, the pure nature of Kenai Fiords parks or the navigation between icebergs and incredible marine life and take us through towns like Homer, Seward or Valdez

But the route becomes circular, heading north, crossing territories where the gold rush left its mark on abandoned towns and mines, until reaching the Arctic gates in Fairbanks, returning to Anchorage contemplating the imposing Mount Mckinle (now simply Denali) in the famous P.N. Denali

8. Car route along the winding Hana Highway in Hawaii

If you are adventures, new sensations and you are not prone to motion sickness on a car route, the Hana Highway in Hawaii It can be an experience in itself. This road that unites the cities of Kahului and Hana they consider it one of the most popular tourist attractions since their, something else, of 100 kilometers long snake-shaped They are not available to anyone. And although it is "short" in kilometers it is not in hours since it takes more than two hours to travel this road, given its narrowness, the force with which the wind whips it and a large number of one-way bridges.

But that will reward you with some incredible landscapes of a unique natural beauty and you can admire the most impressive waterfalls in the world. The photos in this article that are not our own belong to the Shutterstock image bank to which we are subscribed |Stock Photo by Lucky-photographer, Songquan Deng, Joseph Sohm, Zhukova Valentyna, f11photo, Kelly Headrick, William Powell and Sean Pavone

Of course there are some more interesting like Route 14 of Southern California along Antelope Valley Freeway, Going-to-the-Sun Road to Glacier National Park in Montana, the Blue Ridge Parkway between Virginia and North Carolina or the Hill Country Hideways from Texas but we believe that with these you have more than enough to inspire your next trip, right ?. And you, Which one are you most passionate about? Do you know any route by car in the United States more than you think it should be on this list as essential?

Paula and Isaac, dreaming of new car routes through the United States