Moulin Rouge show in Paris: tickets, dinner and opinion


The show must go on, because it could not be otherwise. We recommend you put the BSO of “Moulin Rouge Movie” in the background to read this article (we have done it to write it). The music serves to contextualize and to take us to Paris without leaving the screens of our mobile, computer or tablet. Do you want a special and different plan in the City of Light? We tell you what he gave us one night at the Moulin Rouge, the show in the famous Parisian head of Montmartre, as well as all the practical information to enjoy it: where to buy tickets, with dinner or without dinner and our opinion after our experience

Where he lives the magic of a musical which marked a stage and gave life to a building that, since 2001 year in which the premiere of the film took place, became a mandatory stop if you visit Paris (although it was also before). Then you can get into the skin of the characters and their exciting lives inside the cabaret most famous of all time.

History of the Moulin Rouge in Paris

It may sound paradoxical but the famous Moulin Rouge of Paris It was built by a Spaniard, Josep Oller, in 1889.

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Moulin Rouge show in Paris: tickets, dinner and opinion which is what you are reading and, it must be said, the show WE LOVED.
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Located in the neighborhood of Montmartre, in the Red Light District, became a distinctive symbol of this one.

The history of this cabaret has gone through many stages and moments. Times of crazy party nights, the French cancan, a fire in 1915 (from which he did not recover until after 10 years), reforms and much more until today.

What is meant by cabaret is: a show which houses many different types of art: dance, singing, magic ... everything marked by an erotic touch. This seems to have always been (or almost) badly seen, but Baz Luhrmann's movie gave life to all the people who could be inside that cabaret and, through the love story that the film tells, he got that, at least the Parisian cabaret, had a better image to the point that everyone wants to stop by if he visits Montmartre. And here we have arrived!

Looking for those different experiences for the night of Paris (and that we had already been 3 times before in the city), enjoying the most famous Parisian cabaret the day we visited Montmartre was one of the best options. However, after dinner cruise on the Seine and dinner at restaurant 58 of the Eiffel Tower, maybe we were going for a price.

Tickets to Moulin Rouge ... with or without dinner?

Rates range from 100 and 190€, depending on day, show timeand if we choose the option to attend the show with Book Moulin Rouge with dinner or we decided to go with a Book Moulin Rouge without dinner (Who says dinner says food - that there is also an option - but it seems "less evening"). You can check the exact prices in the links

And the question we all ask ourselves is ... Is it worth buying the ticket with dinner? We talked about a price difference of almost 100 euros.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatever you decide you have to know that if there are any Tickets sold out soon in Paris are those of the Moulin Rouge show, sometimes even months in advance. In our case it was no different and buying them with more than 15 days we had no option to choose the night we wanted although we were lucky to have one of our stay with places

OPTION 1 Buy ticket for the Moulin Rouge with dinner

If you are clear that you are going to buy Moulin Rouge tickets with dinner that you know that you can choose between several menus (Mistinguett, Toulouse-Lautrec, Belle Epoque, Vegetarian, Vegan and there are even specials for Valentine's or Christmas seasons)

The duration of the dinner and the show is 4 hours (2 hours the show) and although there is no recommended time of arrival, the sooner you get the better table they give you.

OPTION 2 Buy ticket for the Moulin Rouge without dinner (and we give you a charming alternative)

The option of buy Moulin Rouge tickets without dinner in his 21'00 session It was our choice because we had to match the budget of the trip and it already got out of hand. In addition, as We made the show coincide with our visit to Montmartre This would have us the door to visit a very special place for dinner.

The proximity ofCafé des Deux Moulins (Where they recommend to book in advance to secure the site and not arrive late to the show but we did not do it and we had no problems) made us finish deciding And what is special? He is famous, among many other things, for serving as a setting for the Amélie movie (How cinematic is this article!). This cafeteria-restaurant was where the protagonist worked and inside you can see posters and scenes of it.

The site has a special charm and the visit is more than recommended. It is cozy and is impregnated with the typical Parisian style. It has not become a tourist attraction because it continues to maintain the style he always had and that makes the experience more beautiful and that you feel part of the environment. Maybe we can never comment on how dinner would be inside the famous Parisian cabaret but the Cafe des Deux Moulins food was very good and still we had live music, by the hand of guitarist included.

If it is done soon (we enter around 19'00) and you do not want to stop for lunch or dinner, they also have very rich desserts for those who want to treat yourself, so there is no excuse for not sitting in a typical cafeteria from Paris to enjoy the magic of the city. I (Paula) as I took Oli 24 weeks ... devoured!

Cabaret Moulin Rouge: our opinion and real experience

Leaving aside the decision of each one, I suppose you will want to know our real experience and opinion about the Moulin Rouge show. For us it has already become an essential for the night of Paris from the moment that We bought the Moulin Rouge tickets without dinner two weeks before and we received the immediate confirmation and, a few days later, the ticket that we had to carry printed.

Around 20:30 (recommend being 30 minutes before), with our tickets printed in our hands and eager to live the experience of such a show in first person, we were more than ready to enjoy and have a great time.

As soon as we access, another voucher is attached to our printed entry. This is what you will check above before attending us to place us at a table. We climbed some stairs and we began to realize the magnitude of the show we have entered. The theater is awesome!, full of tables decorated in a romantic way, some busy with people still having dinner although already with desserts. In one of her, with pretty good eyesight, they locate us and give us champange (included in the entrance without dinner)

The show has a duration of two hours, both at noon pass and at night passes. When the lights go out The show starts and it is the moment when you get carried away by the environment and enjoy an experience that involves practically all your senses and all your attention.IMPORTANT NOTE: From the moment that turn off the lights and the show begins. PICTURES ARE PROHIBITED (The photos of the show used below and those of history are the official ones of the Moulin Rouge website -FUENTE-)

The current Moulin Rouge show is called "Feerie" and has been created by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, and choreographed by Bill Goodson. From the moment the curtain rises 80 artists, including the so-called Doriss Girls and their erotic touch recruited worldwide (60 neither more nor less) and more than 1000 costumes Traditional begin to interpret different acts from the first scene (The Moulin Rouge today and yesterday) to the last (International Acts) through The Pirates, Au Cirque, The Moulin Rouge since 1900, etc ...

Without revealing you too much (so you don't lose the surprise effect), tell you that all the details are taken care of: the costumes of the dancers and dancers (feathers, fake diamonds and sequins) created by Italian artists and designers, the dance body that is a compilation of what best in the world, the scene full of color and life, attractions ... and the mini-shows that dot the main scenes with a show of balancers, comedians andEven a giant aquarium!

Perhaps, to put a but to the experience, the use of some animals would have left us over because it is not necessary to make the show shine. I especially (Paula) didn't like that part at all. Anyway ... some "but" had to have, they come out in two scenes and it's not about re-educated wild animals but still ...

Are around 23'00 when the show ends and, even at my 24-week pregnancy with Oli, we fly by. The eviction is fast and outside there are already numerous taxi options waiting (although we in Paris moved by subway, bus and Uber). In short, for us, VERY RECOMMENDED AND DIFFERENT.

Practical data to attend the Moulin Rouge show in Paris

How to get to the Moulin Rouge in Paris

The exact address of the Moulin Rouge is 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France

It can be reached using theParis Metro, line 2, Blanche stop; some bus that brings you to Montmartre, taxi and Uber

Price of the Moulin Rouge tickets

We have written this above but it is IMPORTANT. Tickets must be purchased well in advance! (sometimes even months). He ticket price is variable according to session and season between 100 and 190 EUR. Check for your dates according to the option you prefer in:
- Entrance to the Moulin Rouge show with dinner (different menus)
- Moulin Rouge tickets without dinner (includes Champange)

If you want to curl the curl and do not have many nights in beautiful Paris, there are optionsDinner at the Eiffel Tower, boat and Moulin Rouge or Paris and Moulin Rouge night tour They are coordinated in schedules to combine various experiences. We do not test them so we cannot comment.

Moulin Rouge Ticket Schedules

There are different options ofshow schedules:
- Tomorrow show: The entrance time for those who want to eat there is at 13:00, and at 14:45 for those who just want to see the show.
- Evening / night show: If you choose the included dinner option you must enter at 19:00. In case you only want to see the show there are two possible passes, at 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and also at 11:00 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

How long do you have to be before?

In case you have decided on the dinner option, there is no set time although the sooner you arrive, the better table you will have. In the case of the option without dinner, it is recommended attend 30 minutes in advance at least.

Is there a dress code? Can you take pictures? Anything else I should know?

Exists Dress code although not as strict as you might think. Men have to go with long pants and avoid sports shoes or beach flip flops and women can also opt for any dress without problems (I was in pants). Come on, common sense. This prohibited to take photos / video (including mobile) since the show starts and ... you will appreciate it, because it deserves every euro you pay. More things? Yes, the children are admitted

What transport options do I have after the show to return to the hotel?

It is true that after the show you will be done at night so we consider that the best option is to take a taxi or an Uber, which comes quickly. Our career at Uber cost us 9.57 euros to the hotel.

Alternative cabarets at the Moulin Rouge in Paris

There are several options of Can Can / burlesque shows in Paris with varied comments for all tastes. Moulin Rouge is the quintessential Parisian cabaret but if you don't get the budget, you can rate the following alternatives:
- Entrance to the Lido show (option WITH or WITHOUT dinner).
- Entrance to the Paradis Latin show (option WITH or WITHOUT dinner).
- Entrance to the show La Nouevelle Eve.
- Entrance to the Crazy Horse show.

To put the end point, tell you that this is still a personal and particular opinion of two more travelers although, after attending many shows around the world, Moulin Rouge in Paris we consider it a different and unique essential to enjoy at some time in life. And yes, of course it is a tourist attraction and expensive but with great added value. For us it is worth every euro that is paid. We hope it has helped you to decide.

Paula and Isaac, from the Moulin Rouge (Paris)