What to visit in Berlin


It is no accident that Germany Nazi It was the focus of the two great World Wars that has hit this world. Apart from ideologies or policies, it is incredible to observe the multitude of references that this great city keeps from its past, and that is that the past is something that cannot be forgotten so as not to make the same mistakes again. The Jewish Holocaust, that big mistake!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newspaper was made on the v1 of this website, when we wrote only and exclusively for the family, so it is not as complete as the rest. However, you will find more newspapers from Germany in the travel guide to Frankfurt and Heidelbergof 2012 or the travel guide to Munich and Austrian Alps of 2010, in addition that we will return soon to make a much more complete newspaper of Berlin

I think I don't remember one day in any country in the world that has taken more time than today. We were already standing from the beginning. What a sore foot !! What a dream !! But here we are ... The most historic Berlin awaits us: Gendanmermarkt platz (possibly the most beautiful square in Berlin) , Babel Platz, Reichstag, ...

La Armeria, The University, Berlin Cathedral next to the television tower ...

Passing on Spreed River, we continue along the wide and impressive avenue Unter den Linden, possibly the most beautiful in Europe, and we still find some of the buildings that have made this walk world famous since the 18th century, the University Library, the Catholic Cathedral of Santa Eduvigis and the Protestant, the remains of the old City Palace.

On the way we stopped to buy a souvenir of our little two-day getaway ...

We finished the ride in the great Brandenburg Gate.

!!! We change third! Not before stopping to eat. We're going to meet one of the most impressive train and subway stations I've ever seen. Berlin Hauptbahnhof wave Berlin Central Train Station It is a true architectural wonder, and as I read on the internet, it has cost more than 900 million Euros. A huge glass palace that houses nearby trains, the three main metro lines, via plate, shops, leisure center, etc ... etc ...

And despite this historic walk, if there is anything really historic in Berlin it is Postdamer Platz, one of the most prominent places in Berlin. It was the place where the first traffic light was installed throughout Europe. It was bombed during World War II, and left in no-one zone when the Wall was built. It separated Soviet section and the United State. After the fall of the wall, Postdamer Platz became the largest urbanizable center of European surface and thus appeared the great skyscrapers and, above all, the incredible SONY CENTER, really spectacular and also architecturally amazing

The wall? Ah, we haven't talked about the hyper-known and famous yet Berlin Wall. In 1961, and due especially to the emigration from East to West of Germans, the GDR built this great wall. It was in 1989 when this barrier of parents and children, women and husbands was finally broken down… You can still intuit where the wall and its remains passed through the entire historic center.

Many references to World War II accompany us on the rainy night back to the hotel. He Hitler's bunker, monuments to the victims of the Holocaust, etc ... We even arrived at Checkpoint Charlie, that it was neither more nor less than a border point mounted by the Americans.

This short getaway is over, we collect our bags and head to the Tegel airport (In there are Useful information of this airport) and from there destination to Santiago de Compostela stopping in Madrid.

Two days is a very short period to take more than one global vision from a big city like Berlin, what I can't explain right now is the atmosphere that brought me from this trip. A mixture of nostalgia, history, exhaustion and enthusiasm. It is simply Berlin. We will be back!!

Isaac, already from Santiago de Compostela (Spain)