Kandholhu, our "little sky"


The sun begins to hit one of the side windows of the Overwater (OW) in which we spent our first night. Outside we have not stopped listening to the movement of the sea on the terrace of the bungalow. Open the terrace and see those inspiring waters It makes us unable to avoid starting the day with a good dip and a better snorkel ...

... GREAT !! What better way to start a new day in our "little sky", Kandholhu? Then continuing with a walk around the island to the restaurant for a good breakfast

Possibly what has surprised us most about this place (in addition to a telephone coverage both here and in all the dispersed islands of Maldives better than in Spain) is the amount and diversity of fauna that we find in any hiding place. Today we met the Juancho gecko and at ... mmm ... pelican seabird (or whatever) Julian

How to describe such a place? Idyllic, heavenly, heavenly ... We assume that there are no words that can compete with what some images can suggest. Before we go through the island's shop to take a few memories of this place (203 USD) and sign up for a Thai SPA session for the sunset.

Today we started our first "free sessions" of snorkelling around the Dive Center area (in fact nobody appears and "we borrow some fins" - which we will rent for days at a rate of USD 6 per day-). We will talk about goldfish, corals and others, but what we did not expect is to find ourselves almost at the foot of the beach! a stripe or blanket !!! More baptisms of the island, the Ruperta stripe.

The Maldives history, Athough it does not seems, it's very very dark. Legend has it that a Sinhalese prince named Koimale came almost by chance with his wife, daughter of the King of Sri Lanka, and dominated the region as his first sultan. Indian pirates would subsequently devastate the islands and Portuguese would also dominate them before being expelled by the national hero, Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam. British and natural devastation in the form of tsunamis would also "visit" some islands whose history is not as placid as their waters claim.

Perched on the sand, reading the history of the country, something is around our feet ... it will be a fish ...!!! A SHARK !!!! !!! IT IS A SHARK !!! A shark just a few centimeters from us, at the foot of the beach.

It really is just a Baby shark, from now on our friend Tiburcio, totally harmless.

We laugh at that in these places "time stands still." Now here near… !! GOES FLYING !! It's about time to eat. Let's leave things to our "little house on the water"

We are in the hottest hours, although there are no major variations from 26ºC at night to 30ºC at lunchtime. That yes ... !! how the sun hits! A good freshwater shower is not taken away from us by anyone ...

It is time to eat and the restaurant / bar is transformed. We agree with some people who come to eat something (we hardly agree with anyone in the whole day) and ask for another of our usual… PIZZA ALTONNO and SANDWICH KANDHOLHU. !! Exquisite accompanied by a good cocktail of the day !! (All the information of the island in the articles KANDHOLHU CRUISE & SPA RESORT I and KANDHOLHU CRUISE AND RESORT II)

In this small island you never know if it is faster to arrive on one side, on the other or inside. Back to the OW for a nap of those who "do hobby" we return to know the area of ​​the Main Jetty, place that will become habitual for our next snorkelling, it is the best area of ​​the island to see marine life.

The drowsiness, the heat and the sea breeze do the rest ... one of the relaxing moments on the island is this on the terrace derl bungalow on the water

Start at sunset and remember that we have signed up for a SPA session for today. We have been recommended to go through the RELAX area, which is an intimate location with pool, saunas and changing area, where one prepares for what comes next

The SPA (136 USD both)… what about the SPA? Uffs ... When we started to choose, we didn't know which one to take from the quantity and variety they have and with prices, mmmm, not as expensive as we initially expected.

: All options and prices as of January 2011

Luxurious experience for two:
Coral Romance / 120 min - $ 160 per couple
Ribbion of Love / 120 min - $ 155 per couple
Ocean Dreams / 120 min - $ 150 per couple

Relax for the body:
Nordic Light / 60 min - $ 70
The Rolling Waves / 45 min - $ 48
Daydreaming / 6th min - $ 70
Rlaxing + Balancing / 70 min - $ 60
Healing with Aloe Vera / 50 min - $ 48
Sea Share Reflexology / 60 min - $ 60

Revitalize your soul:
Abnyanga / 70 min - $ 85
Indian massage / 40 min - $ 39
Shantiram / 90 min - $ 95
Asian Blend / 50 min - $ 55

Revitalize your mind:
Traditional Thai / 90 min - $ 78
Thai oil massage / 50 min or 70 min - $ 62 or $ 75
Thai back / 30 min or 50 min - $ 39 or $ 60
Thai foot ritual / 50 min - $ 45
Shiatsu / 60 min - $ 80
Clear Sky of Wellbeing / 60 min - $ 70
Yoga Session - Free

Facial treatments:
Deep cleaning / 50 min - $ 55
Relaxing $ Hydrating / 50 min - $ 65
Rejuvenating / 75 min - $ 85
Lymphorainage - $ 17
Eyes & Brow lash - $ 12

Beauty treatments:
Kandholhu Spa / 85 min - $ 95
Decorative Nails / 60 min - $ 42
Happy Toes / 60 min - $ 50
Mini pedicure / 30 min - $ 29
French Polish - $ 6
Depilatory Waxing - $ 14/46
Henna Tattoo - small $ 16 / large $ 24

Body baths:
Aloe Vera Healer, Coffe & Chocolate, Oriental Body Glow, Papaya Body Polish / 45 min - $ 52

Flower fragrance bath / 60 min - $ 40

We have taken a thai oil massage That has no words. Mix a kind of pressure massage (where the Indian who give it rise up above you) with a "tapping" of oil where the fingers reach all parts of the body, which we did not even know existed, with an effectiveness amazing. You can tell they know how to play. "Some" got up to ... let's say ... something "nervous" when touching certain areas of his body, right Paula? Hahaha

The night has fallen on the island (usually between 18'15 and 18'45) and it's time to get "handsome" and go to dinner on our little table on the beach in the light of just one candle. Today we have to choose a la carte. The bar, after a delicious dinner, a cocktail (all day and lunch 62 USD) and a good book, say goodbye to the day.

Those of us who live in the city continue to surprise us every time we can escape to nature or remote places on the planet and enjoy the subtle lights that the cosmos around us leaves us. A beautiful starry sky, brighter than ever, makes us spend one of the most unforgettable moments we remember.


They will continue there, at this time illuminating many other travelers like us in many places in the world, but surely the sensations that each one gets in his little piece of heart, are memories so unique that they could never be put in a photo or in a blog.

From this "little piece of heaven" called Kandholhu, see you tomorrow ...

Isaac and Paula, from Kandholhu (Maldives)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 204 USD (approx 156.92 EUROS) and GIFTS: 203 USD - approx 156.15 EUROS