The backpack for the South Seas


It's already Monday, July 16, 2012. When the countdown began, there was almost 1 year, 365 days left, possibly the fastest one in our lives. But today only a few hours left for the start of a great adventure, and two of the journey of life have already passed, a magical day that we will talk about later.

One of the big questions that are coming to us these days (we are surprised at the amount of emails that come to us) is about the destinations and time that we will use in this adventure. The second has a less complex response, which gives us the economic aspect and that has not called from Spain of Isaac's need for an important issue. The first is difficult to answer at the moment, although we will try ...

Before, these daysWe have been chosen by Skyscanner as the blog of the month in your portal (COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE), something that makes us very proud, since we have also used its flight search engine almost exclusively for this adventure, since it collected airlines such as Air Pacific, Virgin Australia, Fly Solomon, Air Vanuatu, Jetstar and others... And, in gratitude, when they contacted us, they have inaugurated the next small video that we have prepared for the occasion.

And decided the adventure, What will be the destinations? He commented in previous articles that we will make our stop in Los Angeles and we already have flights to reach Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu, on July 19, 2012. There our main objective is to reach the active volcano of Mt.Yasur on the island of Tanna . The rest ... we will see.

East DAY 0 is a very different day from others we have "faced". It has been a stressful day. Luckily, since we finished THE GREAT FEAST OF JULY 14, an unforgettable day in our lives, we have had 2 days to recover, say goodbye to family, friends, accompany them to the airport, enjoy as never real moments, even with Tom himself ... right Paulita?


To have, these days, we have not had time or update the adventure of the great Giusseppe, what on Friday, July 6, with 2 days in advance, it was pouring in through Camariñas and was received by many people, including mayor. Today he enjoyed a pleasant meal with us and Miriam, with a challenge and a dream come true, and having been one of the great protagonists of the magical July 14.

The backpacks, although something we had left ready the previous week, we have completed them at night. As it was impossible to do before, we ended up doing some last minute purchases in a hurry, which are usually quite stressful, because you never find what you want ... but hey, there will be time for the route. Paulita, do we have everything?

And to complicate things a little more, Tom has shown up, at 12 pm, to tell us how to pack the whole shed, hahaha. Are we missing something perrucho? At 13, he still looks like a puppy and is still the most beloved of the house. Grandma Vale has also lent herself, and these days the family has been full and we have enjoyed the best moments together.


Taking a one-way ticket, making decisions along the way, having time and not being overwhelmed with having to be on a date at a destination to return will give us the freedom to return to that always sought essence. Hopefully it will be like that. We took a few maps, a few drawings of Ivan and some other resource to help us with the stories and just enjoy the destination and write a few lines at night. With a certain "morriña" that the "halo" of the beginning of the journey of life is over, we begin tomorrow at 7:30 at last ... !! our HONEY SUN !!

Paula and Isaac, from A Coruña (Spain)