The 100 Treasures of


Following this small "rest" of travel, we continue to review a series of "tasks" that we had pending and that we left targeted for that day to arrive when we could do it. Today it was the turn of the response to that which is sure that we are all done sometime ... What is your list of places, adventures, experiences or sensations that you would recommend? Your essential top?

Making classifications or lists of such a complex question is almost impossible, but in the next few days we will try to create a section called "THE 100 TREASURES OF CHAVETAS.ES" that little by little we will be breaking down and that it will undergo modifications as we come from a trip. Among these 100, we have already made monographs of 4 of the first 20.

1. (hidden)
2. (hidden)
3. (hidden)
4. (hidden)
5. (hidden)
6. The ghost town of Rasafa and its cisterns (Syria)
7. (hidden)
8. The Vatican necropolis (Vatican)
9. (hidden)
10. (hidden)
11. A sunset on the U Bein Bridge in Amarapura (Myanmar)
12. (hidden)
13. Parachute jump in Lillo (or anywhere in the world)
14. (hidden)
15. (hidden)
16. (hidden)
17. (hidden)
18. (hidden)
19. (hidden)
20. (hidden)
21. - 100. (hidden)

But as we prepare this new section, do you want to know what our Number 1 is? In the next few days we will publish it. A track? It is not very difficult to know what the place has been and what trip it is, isn't it? A very special bay ...

Isaac and Paula