The Secret of Castile in Madrid


Our visit to the capital on the occasion of the International Tourism Fair, in addition to very intense days, has brought us some great surprise especially in the gastronomic field. Today we talk aboutEl Secreto de Castilla restaurant in Madrid of which we give you a very positive opinion, in particular for those looking for something different among their alternatives.

It all started with the pleasant company of some like-minded bloggers, many of them already friends, summoned by RVEdipress, possibly one of the most open and innovative communication agencies right now in the current communication landscape and with which we personally feel very supported because always They have supported our traveling actions.

The Secret of Castilla, in front of the Zarzuela Theater

We are in a privileged enclave of the center of Madrid, where locating the restaurant is simple. In front of the theater of the Zarzuela and in the heart of the city (together with the Congress of Deputies and the Sun area) two renowned career partners, Angel B (Lali) and Fernando Muñoz (from the managing world) have made their particular commitment to a daring concept and different.

The Secret of Castile achieves that pleasant and familiar atmosphere from the moment you cross your entrance door, even elegant, because the decoration mixes the style of the most typical Castilian restaurant with a minimalist touch that you quickly realize

A little peck in the main bar allows me to start to know a little more about the concept. In The Secret of Castile you will not find only the most traditional dishes of Castilla but a varied offer full of secrets, as the name implies, and adapted at any time of the day (from breakfast to the now famous afterwork, starting with its variety of quick snack tapas to an express menu at a really affordable price (11, € 50) that combines the best cuisine and work schedules

Such is the case, I had to check it in first person in very good company

The letter of The Secret of Castile

Although the mystery that Marila (RVEdipress) maintained at all times did not allow us to know our gastronomic proposal, this did not prevent her from taking Fernando by the band and knowing a little better the offer that the letter proposes. If we talked about that before pecking, knowing that the suggested tapas have names such as tomato sprinkle with bread tile or cod taco with mushrooms, whets the appetite to anyone

He express menu It consists of two of those tapas, a main course, drink and dessert, although for those who go more calmly, a special menu composed of appetizer, first, second, dessert and drink with more succulent recipes (although not so fast to eat) sure to convince

And where does all this enter Castilla? The roots of this generate no doubt when we hear some of their main dishes. Farm beans, sweet rice with mushrooms and sausage hash, grandmother's lentils, roasted suckling pig, segovian suckling pig or braised cheek They are some of them, with products brought directly from Castilla y León mixed with the best Mediterranean cuisine and some dishes, with that minimalist touch so fashionable

Now it was our time to move into the dining room

The secret is revealed, a different tasting menu full of mysteries

As a travel blogger there is something that we have always loved and is to discover the different gastronomies as we land in the destination. Perhaps that is why the fact of wrapping the proposal in an atmosphere of mystery under the #Descondlsecreto made us feel that unknown that we experience in other parts of the planet, although knowing that As good lovers of Castilian food, it was hard not to leave satisfied.

And it was revealed! A tasting menu was going to take us through the main dishes that Fernando always very kindly (especially I loved his good-looking countryman appearance) explained to us as they arrived, and that they combined with the excellent exhibitions that Marila accompanied to reveal her nearest side and the meaning of each sentence, which I have to admit that I get excited more than once

The appetizer consisted of a cockle ceviche over lime, as an entree.

To move on to the true experience of the tasting menu that began with a boletus coke with poached egg at low temperature I was to suck my fingers

He Bluefin tuna tataki with pickled radishes and sprout salad, for those who like the famous Japanese sashimi and saving distances, it was my favorite dish and one of the stars of the table

Before moving on to the next one, it was a good time to know how they worked in the kitchen and, although it is not usual, Fernando was delighted to let us see the love that his cooks put to any recipe on the menu

And so it was, the Baked cod taco on boletus and squid in its ink and baked potatoes the seduction that we would meet at the table minutes later

We topped the menu with a roasted baby lamb shoulder with red peppers and potatoes, which competed in my favorites with tuna tataki and which was shown as the most traditional for a Castilian restaurant.

A custard and pie dessert I said goodbye to the most complete and safe menu that is very suggestive for those of you who are reading this article now, which does not pretend to be a food critic, only a humble opinion of what we liked most and least about a pleasant dinner.

Is it affordable? We talk about prices

In our opinion, one of the things that we liked most about the proposal is that we find a restaurant, El Secreto de Castilla, which has adapted to the times encompassing a wide range of menus and variety of dishes within the same typology and for all budgets.

Some letter prices from El Secreto de Castilla:

Muddy rice with vegetables and sausage hash ... 13 euros
Typical Segovian judgments with your partner ... 11 euros
Marinated chicken salad with shrimp vinaigrette ... 12 euros
Garlic kid with fries ... 18 euros
Roasted suckling pig in the purest Segovian style (on request)… 21 euros
Taco cod with fresh ratatouille and squid and boletus sauce ... 19 euros
Desserts in general (eg yogurt cake with berries)… 5 euros

The restaurant is newly opened so, like any hotel business that begins, we assume the need to achieve that perfect logistics in cuisine, attention and service, which we do not know if they will have already achieved and that of course with us was impeccable. However, a bold and at the same time affordable bet for all budgets (and even environments, whether work, romantic and even events) and a people who looks so honest, well deserve to wish them the best. Of course, they have succeeded with us.

Isaac (and colleagues), from El Secreto de Castilla in Madrid