13 destinations / 13 colors to see before you die


Traveling in feeling, is feeling, is listening, is living ... We always say that two people in the same place, at the same time, in the same destination, will never have the same perception and is the most beautiful thing this traveler virus can have . But within all this, there are certain associations that we all make to certain corners of our travels such as that intense green of the Bwindi jungle or that turquoise blue of the waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Today we take you to travel in another way, through colors, to those 13 places to visit before you die that you should not miss if you have a chance

1. The indigo of a snowy sunrise in Hallstatt

We are in one of the most charming villages in Europe, Hallstatt, but can you imagine getting up after an intense night snowfall, in the middle of dawn, and with the blue-indigo reflected in the lake and the snow itself contrasting with the lights that illuminate the population? It was one of the most beautiful moments we lived in trip to Munich and Austrian Alps, and one of those places to see before you die

2. The cobalt blue sun reflected on the snow in Neuschwanstein

Another shade of blue is found in the visit to Castle of the Mad King With the same ingredients. There is no prettier day in the Fussen area than a beautiful sun after a day of heavy snowfall. Of course, warm well!

3. The blue ceramic that gives meaning to everyday life in Iran

We will always say that a trip to Iran It's a trip to history! live! Where in other places there are only ruins of what were mausoleums of a great civilization, the Persian people do their day to day, almost always accompanied by that particular architecture and its beautiful tones of blue in some of its domes!

4. The most intense turquoise blue in the Kiribati archipelago

¿Riviera Maya? ¿Maldives? ¿Mauricio? !! Nooo! The most special and intense turquoise blue we have seen in life has been in the distant Kiribati archipelago really spectacular. Words are unnecessary…

5. The green meadow of the lost city of the Incas in Machu Picchu

If we have to associate our trip to Peru With some color, that would be green. The green of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest but, above all, the green of the lost city of the Incas of Macchu Picchu, another essential in your list of places to visit before you die.

6. The green hunter of the deep forests of Bwindi

We admit it! When it comes to distinguishing the infinite range of colors it becomes very difficult to choose, but if we had to do it with one in the dense forests of Bwindi that would be the green hunter (yes, it exists!). One of the places to visit before we died that most moved us was the encounter with the mountain gorillas in Uganda... we would have stayed hours !!

7. The pale yellow of the remains of the historic Palmyra

A country we always find it difficult to write about is Syria. We have some of the best memories of any trip, including the pale yellows of the city of Queen Zenobia, on the banks of the Tadmor Oasis ... the historic Palmyra

8. The yellow amber of a beautiful sunset in Amboseli

The colors of Africa are always indelible and although it is difficult to stay with a particular moment, one could be that sunset that delighted us with nature on the slopes of the Klimanjaro, in the Amboseli Natural Park

9. The orange coral of the sand sea of ​​the Wadi Rum desert

There is a destination that we always recommend to those who ask us for a nearby place to enjoy something "different" between 10-12 days and where we have already been twice. That is Jordan, where we could perfectly have included the pinkish tones of the Petra city. However, we go to the cliffs of that sea of ​​sand that is the Wadi Rum desertand that leaves no one indifferent.

10. The red of a lava lake on the most active volcano in Nyiragongo

Persian red, vermilion red or scarlet red, or all at once. That was what we found in the lava lake when night fell on top of the Nyiragongo volcano in R.D. Congo in one of our most exciting adventures. Would you dare to sleep one night here?

11. The violet lavender of a dusk on a lost island of the Maldives paradise

Or maybe it will be purple or sapphire? There is nothing more beautiful in the world, more relaxing and more isolated, than enjoying a dusk on a distant and lost paradise island of Maldives. We did it in Kandholhu, our little cheese.

12. The multicolored Earth of the 7 Colors in Mauritius

There is a place in Maurice Island, close to the beautiful Cascade of Chamarel, where the land has been so capricious that the mixture of its volcanic origin with the erosive activity of the soil has resulted in an unusual place to visit from dunes of different colors resulting from the mixture with various minerals ... the call Land of the 7 Colors

13. The rainbow of colors of the spice bazaar in Istanbul

And we finish this visual walk in one of the most famous markets in the world, the spice bazaar in Istanbul, a universe of colors of soaps, teas and dressings, without limits that should be on any traveling list that boasts.

We have left out destinations such as Antarctica, Arctic, Galapagos, many Asians and many others that we could associate with a certain color around the world. And you, What place to visit before you die associate with a certain color? Tell us!