Car rental in Norway: comparison and prices


He trip to the Norwegian fjords It is one of the most read this year on the web and many are asking us a lot these days by mail questions such as what are the car rental options in Norway? When that comparison we make in other newspapers with prices and options available ?. We analyze thebest option to hire a cheap car rental in Norway to make your own itinerary and all the tips you should keep in mind

Did you know that this Scandinavian country is one of the most beautiful and scenic to travel its roads by car?

Tips you should know before renting a car in Norway

1. Definitely, touring Norway by car is the option that will allow you more flexibility in your trip, stopping wherever you want and even marking your own times. It is perfectly viable combine this option with public transport, since Norway has an excellent network (although expensive). We, for example, used the car with some friends from Stavanger to Bergen but then we went to the capital in the train Oslo - Bergen.

2. Norway uses Spain as its toll road. Paying is not complicated since most are automatic collection and some have lanes for AutoPASS and for manual payment. You have all the information if you have doubts in This link from the official website of Visit Norway(When taking your car, check if it has the AutoPASS - you won't have to stop at the tolls and then they will be charged to the credit card you used as a signal)

3. Keep in mind that you are in one of the most beautiful natural places on the planet when planning your itinerary, which includes mountains, deep valleys, fjords, lakes ... This means that, due to its heterogeneous nature, you will have roads and highways with many curves and low speed limits (70-80-90 km / h) but, nevertheless, you It will give a much better view of the corner of the planet where you are. The roads are excellent! (do not worry about that)

4. Try avoid pick up and delivery of rental car in Norway from 23'00 to 6'00 to avoid cost overruns because offices are closed (although at airports they usually have wider fans than these)

5. Book in advance if you are going to go in summer. Although availability is wide, a route by car through Norway is a very chosen option for travelers who decide to visit the Nordic country.

Norwegian fjords by car! Keep in mind the ferries!

It is very possible that you are one of those who at the time of planning your route by car have gone through Google Maps and have seen that something does not fit you. Why so much time for a route that in Spain would be done in half? The reason is that you are in an area of ​​fjords and the road! It just ends!

Well, don't worry, since everything is very simple although you have to take this detail into account. The first, find out the schedules of the ferry routesWell, although they tend to be every 30 minutes or 1 hour, there are times when a less usual concrete route can only have 2 or 3 a day.

Upon arrival, either a booth or an employee with a little machine will charge you the rate stipulated and you will see several lines delimiting zones where to park the vehicle waiting for the corresponding ferry. If you still have time, you can even get out of the car and go for a drink whenever you don't forget to come back 5 minutes before starting to enter. Another employee will give way to the boat at the moment he is ready (usually everything is very fast and practical) and then, as if from a parking If it were, you will turn it off and close.

And now? To enjoy the views, which are usually cool, or if it's cold, even having a drink at the bar. Do not forget to climb overboard a fleece or warm clothes because you will appreciate it

Exists another option in which all of the above is true, but they leave from the end of the road. They are mini-cruises that from one boarding point on your route connect you with another and that, at times, can be a good option to propose an alternative route.

What car company to hire?

It is known by all our great community of readers that we have the car rental discount”In the offers section that you asked for, but nevertheless,it is never our intention to direct the reader although for us (in this case) it represents the best option in our trips (so we simply want to give one more option that we use and justify it, but always value them all). You also have a good thread of experiences in the travel forum for those who want to evaluate more alternatives

This article is customized for Norway, which is the travel diary we are in, but you can do this simulation or Use the discount with most countries in the world (United States, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, ...)

As on other occasions, it is best to make a simulation of a specific date (which you can do yourself) of all the major car rental companies that operate. In this case we have chosen between August 10 and 16 (midsummer), for a Golf car (you can do it with anyone) and from Stavanger Airport to Bergen (route that seems logical), with the following results ...

Europcar, in its online payment formula, it offers us a price from 683.47 Euros, Avis 706.95 Euros, Hertz with 572.97 Euros It is in this case the most economical. Finally neither Sixt with 623.85 of a lower model (does not have Golf) or Budget with 606.31 euros also only in the only small model available, they are not cheaper alternatives.

We perform the same simulation, same dates and same itinerary, with the Rentalcars comparator that you can access by clicking here

We must recognize that in this case it is much more exaggerated than in other simulations we have done in Madeira, Switzerland or Alsace. With the same Europcar that previously gave us a price of 683.47 Euros, exactly the same car is shown to us now for 387.77 Euros including options for booking changes and extra coverage.

We miss so much difference and we follow the whole process, in case something has escaped us (although the good thing that we have always defended from Rentalcars is its complete transparency of everything that it includes). Effectively the price is confirmed and in the following processes we see the usual extra options that all companies have plus the usual "Franchise Protection" that the comparator offers.

Even choosing the full franchise protection, the maximum price for the same car and with all the coverage would still be 455.27 Euros, which of course you have the option of not paying until the previous month when you decide. If you do not want additional coverage, the 387.77 Euros is maintained in all the steps of the reservation.

Why hire cheap car rental from Rentalcars?

We always count it but they beat us the day we had a problem in the trip to Israel and Palestine that the company we chose (Thirfty in that case) gave us an automatic car instead of the manual we had chosen. We called, they answered us immediately by phone and on top of that they gave us 10 euros of the cost of the call from Tel Aviv. Since then we have been loyal, not only for being the cheapest but for customer service. ! The day that changes you tell us !.

You have all the advantages in detail in “car rental discount" but we put the main ones for Norway:

- He customer service works extraordinarily well

- The best price, guaranteed and they even improve your offer if there is a better one (we haven't found it). How do they do that? Well, they are the cheapest because as they explain they perform a high volume of reservations and can negotiate better than us individually with car rental companies.

- We are all used to booking a hotel with Booking and canceling it up to 48 hours before. Rentalcars has taken that concept to car rental, although the cancellation option in the case of Norway raises prices a lot and we would value more the options that include only change of reservation for the impressive prices they have, but those who need it can opt for this option.

- All in 4 clicks (fast, simple, transparent - even other people's opinions - and intuitive). You decide your best company and what you want to add or not! (Take the franchise return option for a little more and so you forget about possible damages) and they send you an email with everything.

Up to 15% discount with Keys

You already know this, but entering the Rentalcars website takes you to get up to 15% DISCOUNT ON CAR RENTAL.Click on the link above or on this one, do your simulation and everything you need before deciding your final car rental in Norway:

Click DISCOUNT UP TO 15% directly on the web - RENTALCARS

We are convinced that your experience will be as good as ours in the trip to Alsace, trip to Switzerland, trip to Madeira or trip to Israel and Palestine where we have already used it, but you know ... whatever you tell us with freedom and absolute closeness. We like to recommend what works but also any other opinion if you have a bad experience (although so far we have not had in any of the daily negative experiences for your peace of mind).

Isaac and Paula, from beautiful Norway