Chobe River Cruise at Sunset


Eight are the days that have served to make me lose my sense of time (and space). As it had rarely happened to me before, I have managed to blend in so much with the environment of pure nature that it seems that a month has passed since we left Maun when in reality it is more an accumulation of experiences, of moments ... of scenes! They fill my almost infinite bottle of travel memories. What can the rest of a trip hold for you when the bar has been so high? It's hard to say, but there were moments like a Chobe river cruise at sunset, One of the most famous attractions.

We have returned to civilization. Gone is the wild life unchanged. I see again that asphalt that I had forgotten, but still far from the western world of stress and haste.

Farewell to the lions of Savuti

Ana's good, of which I have spoken little in these stories, repeated to us again and again these days that "there are people who can get to see 1 or 2 lions"according to the luck you have. I find it difficult to understand when according to Sele's accounts we have !! more than 40 lions !! different, especially after all we have seen in Savuti.

Ana is the heart of everything we've experienced these days. After a life of struggle (which I said I admit that moved me) he has found his dream and his illusion in a project designed with all his experience in Botswana. Perhaps that is why it is not a safari anymore, but in all the magic we have had, in addition to 2 excellent guides and a group of admirable people, enter each and every one of the details that Ana has given her.

A Spanish values ​​those beers in the afternoon, or that glass of wine by the fire, but also does not have dead hours taking advantage of them for a safari, or enjoy the exclusivity of sleeping where no one has done it before listening to the roar of lions, those same whose opportunist behavior he did not know (and they are already looking at his new feast)

What someone will have to explain to me one day is how they have managed to combine the exclusivity of the large lodges of € 700 / night in the heart of the parks, achieving the experience of living in the shops with luxury, including beers, wines and all drinks and meals and end up in the best resort in Zambia next to Victoria Falls and making numbers that are only a little more expensive (€ 200 making all the numbers of what is included and what not) than the Kananga macro trucks that do not they have nothing to do

As I reflect, the lioness in front of us has begun to emit a kind of bellowing. Willie tells us that he is calling the male lion to hear it wherever he is. Every day we learn something new

We can't stay much longer on safari. We have a morning of transit to Kasane and we are going to stay and enjoy a cruise afternoon as a welcome.

Route from Savuti to the Chobe Norte National Park

It must be recognized that "botswanos" have their grace. They are people who go at another pace, but the treatment we have had with them has been very cordial and they even have their point of irony. A) Yes we say goodbye to the last elephants of Savuti how good times they have given us and we go through an old and neglected landing strip with a sign that reads "Terminal 5. Passport Control of Savute International Airport", hahaha

Mochuelos, bad roads and mopanes on both sides accompany us to the exit door of the area, which are usually also a kind of small bone museums of those who have stayed on the road.

Bad roads? !! Horrible !! I remain fascinated as there is who dares to come on their own on these roads where 50 km can become a hell. Willie has also decided to go the longest road because the other road is impracticable. And this one?

As is logical and we have seen other days, there is always an adventurer who spends more time digging up his car than watching animals. I have repeated it many times in this story but ... Botswana is not Krugger! Entering the hearts of its parks is probably the biggest adventure in Africa.

After a couple of hours of dust and more dust, some threat of staying and very hot, in the distance we see the closest thing to an oasis. It is the color of the asphalt, of the road to Kasane which will take us (after 95 km) back to civilization.

I can't help letting out a little sigh. The most intense experience I've had with African nature is over. Mmm ... and that little shop? We have taken the opportunity to make the morning stop and, almost unintentionally, we have seen a souvenir shop strategically located in this change of road, although neither do they make many efforts to sell (gift for 140 BWP)

The couple of hours along the new road brings certain comforts although going at 80km / h in an open 4x4 is not the most pleasant way (it is the only section of the whole trip so it is not to complain about everything you have given us, LOL). Yes, there are giraffes, some daring antelope and a strange bird calledterrestrial horn that we had not seen so far ... but it is not the same!

We border the Caprivi, a strip that separates Botswana and Namibia, and it is around 1:00 p.m. when we enter through the ill-fated Kwalape Lodge that has not been inaugurated for a long time, with a swimming pool, very cool luxury shops inside and a large buffet, but which however gives a sense of abandonment to your fate (nothing to do with the Maun Lodge or our luxury Meru store)

Chobe River Cruise at Sunset

Anyone who drops by Kasane, whether or not to go on a safari in the P.N. Chobe (which we will do tomorrow) can not fail to do one of its great attractions, a boat trip on the river that bears his name, a cruise on the Chobe river

The modalities are varied and for all tastes, from the large boat in which you can stand but you go with more people to the one we take, much smaller and closer to animals, with another perspective and much more tranquility

I think at this point I have to admit (and surely this day's story conveys) that my head was no longer in Chobe. I missed the adrenaline, the sightings, the tracking and the safaris that had accompanied us these days and maybe that even clouded a fantastic stage full of life of buffalo, hippos and some of the largest Nile crocodiles ever seen

However, I had already enjoyed this same cruise. I had done it in Murchison Falls and also in the Kazinga Channel, both in Uganda and the latter so close to the hippos that little could surprise me today as these days had done EVERYTHING.

He Chobe National Park, beyond this spectacle of life, he is famous especially for his elephants. This is one of the concentrations of these biggest Big Fives around the world.

Really is a different variety of elephants, with shorter and more fragile fangs, very different from those considered to be the largest in Africa that are in the Kalahari. They are still impressive, but tell Isi and Patri

The nomenclature and status of the National Park dates back to 1967, which has allowed us to remain relatively unchanged until today despite the dozens of cruises that sail with us at this time

Here hippos, elephants and buffalo have no predators that threaten them, it is a kind of island that is between the border of Botswana and Namibia

Although they are the most fearsome animal in Africa and the one that causes the most deaths per year among people, The hippos are one of Paula's favorites. How much I would have enjoyed here!

One more afternoon the sun falls on Botswana, leaving in the distance the flag of Namibia that one day we will know (and Oscar and Reyes will do after this same trip because they continue)

THE SERIES "JOURNEY TO BOTSWANA" NOW IN YOUTUBE: After the experience in Greenland Many had asked us for the best AUDIOVISUAL EXPERIENCE for this trip and we have listened to you! In our Youtube channel you can see the COMPLETE SERIES and then the chapter of this day without leaving the article you are reading (Cruise on the Chobe River at sunset)…

Beers bring us the last baton of the safari. Patxi and Isi leave with a point of advantage to take the prize (a few rounds of beer, which was going to be if not). Who will pay it? In the lower part is fought between MCruz, Patri and some more. The bets reach even the most exotic and hard-to-see animals that score the most. You have to play it! LOL. While I already rest in Kasane, today without the roar of the lions as a backdrop. Will I live a similar experience again in my life?

Isaac from Kasane (Botswana)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 0 BWP (approx. 0 EUR) and GIFTS: 140 BWP (approx. 14 EUR)