Preparing trip to Ecuador ... Guayaquil


Our time has passed adventure through Quito and Galapagos, our first trip to Ecuador focused on two of its main attractions. However, Ecuador is much more and we realized that on the last day inthe city of Guayaquil, a city that although it did not fit into our plans, in a few hours it was enough to know many places to visit of great interest but, above all, realize that it is the most important hub with the country from which to plan any itinerary

In fact, both our arrival in Quito, and our round trip to Galapagos, was LAN Airlines Our airline chosen for all connections although it was not until our return when we decided to go down to the city of Guayaquil that we had seen so many times from the air. Do we tell you more about her?

Guayaquil, the entrance to Ecuador

Guayaquil unlike Quito, which is located at an altitude of almost 3000 meters above sea level, is a desirable coastal city like entrance to your trip to Ecuador (especially for those who suffer more with changes in altitude)

In recent times it has been modernized with new hotels, shopping centers and with the new José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport of Guayaquil, which in the opinion of the users has been listed as the best airport in South America this year 2015, which

This modern airport, It is the second largest in Ecuador and previously it was called Simón Bolívar International Airport and it is not surprising that it has become the true hub of Ecuador for its flights:

  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout.
  • Options of many hotels near the airport.
  • 9 ATMs located throughout the airport at arrivals, departures and hallways.
  • Luggage carts are free.
  • There is a place to change currencies, open 24 hours a day.
  • There are food and beverage stalls open 24 hours a day.
  • Massage services (!!!!!!)
  • Showers available at the airport VIP club.
  • Smoking rooms

And the best and what encouraged us to know Guayaquil ...! It is barely located 5 kilometers from the center!, So we can visit many places in a few hours, as we will see later as we did and we will tell you in "Guayaquil, tourism on a scale"

To go from the airport to the center and vice versa you can choose the option of Cab, always taking into account security (do not take one that is not verified) for an average price of $ 7.50. Another cheaper option is to take the subway via, with an average price around $ 0.50, although if you have few hours it may not be the best alternative

Links with Guayaquil: Quito, Galapagos ... and many more

As we have been saying, use Guayaquil basic can be the key to your itinerary tovisit places as Quito, to its Mariscal Sucre International Airport and of course the preferred destination on the Ecuador, Galapagos trip with his Seymour airport or any of the secondary but also for other corners that link with Guayaquil such as:

  • Loja with its Catamayo City Airport, city is known as the musical capital of Ecuador and it has very good museums.
  • Cuenca with its Mariscal Lamar Airport, called the magical city of Ecuador. It is a beautiful city, full of art and churches, with good weather, mountains, culture, archeology and much more.
  • Orellana with its Francisco de Orellana Airport, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, with very charming landscapes and an immense natural contrast with species that are unique throughout the world, from mammals to reptiles, birds and even medicinal plants.
  • Esmeraldas with its Carlos Concha Torres International Airport, a city that stands out for its beaches that will leave you in love.
  • Cotopaxi with its Cotopaxi International Airport, where the great "highlight" is the volcano that bears the same name and we saw from afar where we will find the map and all our experience to prepare your trip. In a broken down way, point out some places like:

    • The Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum (MAAC): at the foot of Santa Ana, perfect place to use as a reference to meet someone. You can also take a walk around the Guayas River.
    • Las Peñas neighborhood, the bohemian area of ​​Guayaquil and a place that concentrates a lot of art and where many aristocratic people lived for many years

    • Puerto Santa Ana, the viewpoint to the Guayas River, a more cosmopolitan place.
    • Santa Ana Hill: one of the most emblematic points in the trip to Ecuador, we recommend without a doubt with the great point to visit of Guayaquil, especially for its views.

    • Guayaquil boardwalk: a place of recreation and very touristy.
    • Seminar or iguana park: You will see iguanas throughout the park and how to close the cathedral of Guayaquil.

    • El Fortín Museum of Santa Ana Hill, Nahim Isaiah Museum and municipal Museum.
    • Craft Market From Guayaquil.
    • Historic Park
    • Botanical Garden.

    You already know more about Guayaquil and the next time you cheer up to a trip to Ecuador, you already know what points to visit and how to move from the Airport to these places but, above all, that it is the true hub to organize your itinerary both in and out as if you want to move on internal flights inside. For when your trip?

    Isaac, from Guayaquil (Ecuador)