Shibuya district in Tokyo


It is curious to think that when we start this trip we plan to reach those corners of the South Seas, Polynesia, Melanesia and / or Micronesia more remote and authentic, those that we have walked these days ago, but we never considered that we would step on the three most western cultures next to the European of the world. If we started our trip in The USA with that arrival to the shelter of Santa Monica, and these days we have enjoyed a lot of the Australian east coast and his exciting efficient life, today we turn to the culture of stress and consumption par excellence ... !! JAPAN !!

It's 4 in the morning when we take the taxi (30 AUD) that leaves us in the Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal, and where the procedures are as agile as ever. Water (3.70 AUD) and inside ... we fly over the coast again.


The passage through Tokyo on our return home, where we are claimed on August 29, It has been motivated by !! ticket prices !!. Any option from Sydney via Singapore, Bangok, Seoul, Qatar or Dubai was not lower than 1800 EUR per person, while the JETSTAR with stopover in Cairns barely left for 400 EUR, which would allow Paula to know the futuristic city in addition to completing our British ticket from Tokyo.

The first rays of sun enter through our window 2 hours and 20 minutes after taking off from Brisbane. We are in Cairns, a tourist city of Northwest Australia, still in the state of Queensland, with just 120,000 inhabitants, and which has become a very popular destination among foreign tourists for its tropical climate, and especially for its proximity to the Great Barrier of Coral.


The reality of Cairns is that it was born to serve the miners who were going to the gold mine of the Hodgkinson River, although originally it belonged to the Yidinji Walubarra people and even today there are several theme parks that safeguard the aboriginal culture in the area, although main of claim is its weather, and it has even been allowed topless recently.

This is the last moment we will be under the "influence" of Australia, a destination to which we will certainly return on future trips since we have loved this first partial vision of its culture, its people and its cities in New South Wales and Queensland. Meanwhile, we have already taken the backpacks and crossed walking the 300 meters that separate the Domestic Terminal of Cairns International Terminal, where Jetstar has not yet opened the check-in.


It is possible that Jetstar Do not have as many check-in counters as the other great Australian low-cost company Virgin Australia, or have so many airplanes, but it must be recognized that it has worked very well for us. Since you buy your seat all adds up, if you want a bigger seat (we have taken emergency for Paula since it is a long journey that awaits us), check luggage or backpacks, comfort pack with blankets and pillow, food or even helmets for television. Even so, the initial price at the end does not differ too much and punctuality with us has been exquisite.


With a small lunch and some provisions for 7 hours and 40 minutes of flight (38.85) We continue our journey flying over the seas of the Philippines and Japan. This other area of ​​the Pacific can be a good entry point for a future trip to Micronesia. ZzZzZzZ


What is it that we see in the distance? It is Mt.Fuji (what a shame not to have been able to photograph it) sticking out of the thick fog that covers the Japanese steppe at this late afternoon. !!We have returned!! We promised in his day. We return to the Far East as we did in the trip to Japan 2008, though for the first time for Paula, who is especially excited about this new destination.

It's around 19:00 Japan time, one less than in the area of ​​Australia from which we come. It is time to pass the usual immigration controls, customs, ... although we do not take too long and change some money in Narita (the change is really good, not as in other airports usually, although at 94 YEN per EUR, far from the 166 we got in the trip to Japan 2008). Now yes ... WE ARE IN JAPAN!

It doesn't have to say the train is still the best way to get around in Japan and in Narita Express the best way to get to the city (6600 YEN with reserved seat). This time we are going to stay a few meters from Shibuya (taxi with luggage 1080 YEN), in the Fukudaya Hotel, a ryokan that will transfer us incredibly within this futuristic neighborhood to the nineteenth century in the middle of the Edo period, and whose managers come from an inn of the samurai class in the prefecture of Niigata. Paula, are you ready to go to dinner? Taxi back to be very tired today (710 YEN).

Shibuya is still that commercial and entertainment Tokyo district, where are the main fashion centers, large television screens, lights, nightclubs, restaurants and the famous Scramble kousaten, the busiest intersection in the world.


All the information in the Japan travel guide of that adventure, including Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji, Kobe, Hiroshima, Miyajima and the Japanese Alps

We have chosen a privileged place, the LOBH that we already visited the DAY 11 of the trip to Japan 2008, from where the views are incredible at this time of night (UPDATE 2015: The traveler Eduardo tells us that he has already closed and now there is a shop in his place).


A good dinner and a cocktail (5,310 YEN) in this "underworld" restaurant, it provides a relaxing space to observe the urban landscape and the craziness of the crossing, from a few meters away. It seems incredible also that this neighborhood was founded after World War II that we have seen so much in Guadalcanal, Tarawa or Canberra, in 1947, I have grown so much


We have got 5 nights in Tokyo and we will take advantage of them so that Paula takes a global image of what Japan is in the capital and its surroundings. We will try to see the neighborhoods of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara and Odaiba, escape to Kamakura and Yokohama, complete the last Disney we need and try all kinds of local cuisine, from sushi to kobe, through fugu, okonomiyakis, yakitoris, local inns, etc ...

Shibuya 109, 109 Men's, Tsutaya, Starbucks ... Yes Sydney and Brisbane completely broke with the time stopped of the Pacific Islands, the South Seas, Tokyo is the explosion of the consumer and stress society. Shibuya crossing is its great symbol.

We just had dinner and we go straight to the hustle and bustle. Behind we leave the LOBH, on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Shibuya Ekimae and in front of us wide zebra crossings to all possible sidewalks, even inclined, with traffic lights whose passage permit is marked by a time that falls in the form of a bar colour


But the day has been very long and hard, and the futons of Fukudaya hotel They are waiting for us. It will be the last taxi we take (800 YEN) since there is hardly 10-15 minutes between the crossing and the entrance of the ryokan, but it is late and tomorrow we have another fantasy day. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea await us, right Paula?

Isaac and Paula, from Tokyo (Japan)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 72.55 AUD (approx. 65.95 EUR) and 14.503.90 YEN (154.30 EUR)