Oahu, Pearl Habour Island in Hawaii


Oahu it was the first island that Captain Cook discovered in Hawaii (the same one we had known about his stories in the Mysterious island of Tanna in Vanuatu years later), although the great Spanish navigators had passed before (in this case Álvaro de Saavedra). Today we were going to meet her as well as the famous Pearl Harbor. New illusion, another day to remember.

This time a Brazilian guide who spoke Spanish with that sweet and special accent of that country came to pick us up. He took us to tour the island of Oahu on its four sides.

Oahu, the island of contrasts in Hawaii

Possibly when we think of Hawaii we all come to mind Waikii and Honolulu and surroundings that we visited yesterday, but today's route was going to confirm that Oahu is much more. We pass through picturesque and paradisiacal places, contemplating solitary and other less solitary beaches, mountainous landscapes of an intense and clean green, because the Hawaii islands are like this, volcanic and of a special greenery because it rains almost daily.

We stopped to contemplateto Elvis Presley's house and we also made a stop at a shrimp farm, where we sat to taste them.

East newspaper is counting offline years later (2016) and, unlike the rest, it has more sentimental value than practical data for the traveler (although it can be inspiring), representing that "great trip" that we all have and possibly being the final drop that led a family to be traveling Keys 😉

Hanauma Bay, Waimanalo Beach, Makapu Beach, Halona Cove, Lanikai, Sandy Beach, Sunset Beach or Turtle Bay, are some of its coves and highlights

We also stopped at exotic and tropical fruit stands They offered both sides of the road, which more delicious. At another time we could not avoid buying some souvenirs for the family in a place where the views were fabulous. Anyway, the whole island was a vergel.

Oahu has a perimeter road and just a couple of secondary ones that cross and divide the island of Hawaii in two.

When we were returning to the capital Honolulu (which is to the south), once bordered the island, we stopped at one of its most famous and most exciting places, Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor, a bay with a lot of history on Oahu

It was a different experience, that being there, one could not lose, but I must admit that really the war issues are not one of our favorite topics although if of our Keys that years later would go to the Guadalcanal Island in Solomon Islands or Tarawa in Kiribati, famous for battles that started from this place.

The United States naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, She was attacked by the Japanese on the morning of December 7, 1941, in which the eight American battleships docked at the port were damaged, and four of them sank.

This fact it led to the entry of the United States into World War II and so, immediately on December 8, the United States declared war on Japan, causing Nazi Germany and fascist Italy to declare war on the United States days later.

We visited one of its underwater museums and had a good time trying to understand a bit of history

Returning to Honolulu we saw the extensive pineapple plantations That exist on the island. Pineapple or pineapple quickly became one of the largest and most sustainable crops on the islands after its introduction in 1813.

After a long day we returned to the Hilton that sheltered us although the day does not end here

Japanese restaurant in Honolulu, changing times

How times have changed. We took a shower, we managed and made up to go to the Japanese restaurant that was in the hotel and where we had chiripa dinner since we had not reserved a table. It was 1992 and we had never been in a similar one where we sat around the irons and a chef with spectacular utensils and knives handling, served the food directly from the plate to your plate and from time to time made a juggling demonstration with the utensils he used to cook.

The restaurant was full of people, but we were lucky to have a little corner for us and enjoy a wonderful dinner cooked in front of us, although today almost everyone knows this type of restaurants because we already have them in Spain, but in the year 92 for us it was something really exotic and fun, also a bit expensive but a good experience.

After our special dinner, we stroll through the wonderful place that houses the Hilton Hawaiian Village of Honolulu, as it would be our last night in it and it really is a place that we have continued to remember through the years

Mª Carmen (and the Chavetas family)