A different trip ... Game capitals


Who knows CHAVETAS.ES and he knows us, he knows perfectly well that one of the unfinished objectives (at the moment) is to be able to write all the stories that complete our Traveler Curriculum.

Almost unintentionally, today having dinner with the family, a trip has emerged in the talk that was a before and after in our lives, and that one day I will tell in this blog. This is the trip that in the Summer of 1992 took us through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, The journey to California-Hawaii'92, an adventure that together with the already told of Florida'91 we were moving for the first time to a "new world" very different from the known Europe, especially that city of a thousand lights, neons and true game capital, Las Vegas (and improvised weddings).

I suppose that all of us to a greater or lesser extent are collectors of destinations, experiences or sensations. There are those who would like to explore the 4 great Disney theme parks in the world, who would love to visit the 7 wonders of the modern world, who would like to reach all the great islands with all their might, even those who want to fly over Globe the most magical places on the planet.

Today, speaking of Las Vegas, we could not help looking back and forth, and that is why we are going to put aside for a moment the conclusions of the Getaway to Bucharest and Transylvania (which in the next few days we will complete) as well as the last stories of the daily to Maldives 2011, to get into a different way of travel ... GAME CAPITAL

LAS VEGAS. Throw a look back it is to remember that arrival of day in the middle of a great esplanade, of heat and dust in the air. And is that Las Vegas emerges in a great desert, a pure desert in the state of Nevada where small channeled springs allowed the birth of one of the current capitals of entertainment, between mountains of colors and stony terrain.

In that adventure we do not skimp on accommodation. Of the famous Hard rock, The palms, Caesars Palace or the well-known today Venetian, where you can even take gondola rides, we stay with the Caesars Palace, although if you are looking for a continuous party, famous and true shows, any of them meets the objective.

And is that staying in Las Vegas is staying in a real themed complex, where the concept of day and night is lost, to enter its incredible restaurants, its Roman streets where even its statues move, hundreds of shops and even lava volcanoes outside, without neglecting the largest poker room in the city, its casinos or its hundreds of slot machines with their catchy little prize musiquita.

I still remember perfectly the feeling that was leaving the hotel and "floating" in the middle of that maremagnum of colored lights, neons, waste of electricity supply and outdoor shows claiming our attention.

I read not long ago to the president of a large casino company to say that 5 or 6 cities like Las Vegas in the world could be built and we would not saturate the market. And it is true, because today the majority use of the internet and online casinos replace that lack with ingenuity and large platforms on the network.

MACAO. Throw a look forward is to make this president's words come true. On the southern coast of China, a few km from Hong Kong, and with a historic center declared a World Heritage Site in 2005, a Portuguese colonial city has emerged that since 2001 saw how foreign casino operators landed at a frantic pace.

Its special regime as an administrative state makes this small area have its own currency, the pataca, as well as other conditions as well as Hong Kong, from where you can reach by ferry in just 1 hour.

For those lovers of the "collecting" of different trips, a fact. In 2006 Macao surpassed Las Vegas in revenue from its casinos, becoming since then the first game capital of the world. It was then that the state of Nevada contracted by injecting $ 20 billion (which is said soon) in order to update and modernize the casinos in its city.

In any case, Macao already has more than 30 casinos, to which more impressive.

Among all the Macau casinos, a jewel is the City of Dreams Resort, one of the largest in the world (specifically the second) with a dance theater in the water, a fountain of bubbles and even a real ocean within the theme complex.

More prominent casinos are the Fortuna Hotel, he Sands Macao, he Oriental mandarin, he Grand Lisboa or the Diamond Casino, but there is another that stands out greatly, being THE LARGEST CASINO IN THE WORLD: The Venetian Macao.

We are faced with the equivalent of Venetian in Macau, The Venetian Macao, copy of Las Vegas. It occupies an area greater than !! 3 soccer fields !!, with 3,000 suites of authentic luxury, Renaissance motifs, Italian streets, !! more gondolas !! and even replicas of the Piazza de San Marcos or the Doge Palace.

At present there are already more cities, especially Asian, interested in keeping up with Las Vegas and Macao, such as Singapore (who already eliminated the ban on the game 40 years ago) or more flexible countries on the subject of the game like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan (which we already visited in that trip to Japan 2008) or Taiwan, although some of us have to continue to settle for waiting for future trips and throwing us some other online roulette.

However, Macao, being an old Portuguese colony recently "liberated" has much more to offer. From the square of Senate Length, to Holy House of Mercy, going through the remains of the St. Paul's Church, for him Macau Museum, the Chinese temple of Na tcha or the historical center of the city, where we can taste delicious Chinese food, freshly made cookies, soy pudding or other types of pasta.

Without further ado, in the next few dates I will try to tell what trip to California-Hawaii'92 it was a key for the family, but above all, perhaps some new surprise that closes the circle appears on the horizon. Who knows? Dreaming is still free ... although not in the game capitals, Las Vegas and Macao.

Isaac & Family Full Keys, from the city of lights (Las Vegas)