7 “alternative” exotic destinations to end the year


If the other day we were talking about "Exotic 'trendy' destinations for the rest of the year", today we propose to close this list with another 7 but this time much more alternative and dreamed by many. With this we mean those who would make the Keys clear, you know what we like adventure and some of those we propose are 100%. Those who know us already imagine some of them even if we did not list them in this article.

Would we return to the cold and ice in summer? Would we visit again a natural park to photograph animals? Or would we pursue a dream again? !! Yes! Are you coming with us to see our new Sunday vermouth list?

7 "Alternative" exotic destinations for the rest of the year

Armenia, the cradle of the Christian religion

Although in principle it is not a well-known destination in the travel lists (although increasingly), this country close to Iran, Turkey, Georgia or Azerbaijan, has much to offer, starting with nature and culture in equal parts.

It is a little frequented country that keeps, however, many treasures (!! up to four thousand monuments!), Some of which are religious. And Armenia is also considered the cradle of the Christian religion and has churches and monasteries that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In short, an ancient culture that will take you from the capital Yerevan to the most emblematic and legendary mountains, such as Mount Ararat.

Another of the important connotations that Armenia has for us is that you would find an authentic place both for its landscapes where to enjoy spectacular hiking trails thanks to its fantastic mountains and for its free population still of the tourist masses, which allows it to maintain a way of life and more genuine customs. Wouldn't you dare to discover all the ancient legends that survive in the country? We would love to ...

Nicaragua, authentic nature to discover

Another destination that perfectly combines nature with culture and that at the moment keeps authenticity unlike its neighboring Costa Rica where tourism is what sustains much of its economy. In Nicaragua, however, we will enjoy a trip without big crowds, of nature in its purest state and visiting its wonderful colonial towns like Granada or León.

We can say that it is divided into two zones, that of the mountainous Pacific coast and where the majority of the population is located and the area of ​​the Atlantic coast where its jungle is located and where the almost virgin nature reserves are inhabited by infinity of animals. In case this was not enough, it is formed by two large lakes and is also the only country that houses two volcanoes. What more can you ask for those who like us adore nature?

Only with this we are sure that you will include Nicaragua in your wish list, or not?

Botswana, the heart of Africa

And what about Africa ... of course we would return! once and a thousand times to enjoy its landscapes, its treasures as natural parks or as its people, the most welcoming we have found in our destinations. Why Botswana on this list? Because we can say it's the heart of Africa and one of the most important and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in the world of which we have diary of trip to Botswana since last year.

Inside is the Okavango Delta, the world's largest delta and, as a crown jewel on any route, Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe or Zambia. Can you ask for more? Yes, diversity of cultures, the company of a semi-tropical climate and one of the most impressive sunsets on the planet.

What you should keep in mind is that once you visit Africa for the first time you will not be able to stop since it has some magic that hooks ... !!

Gabon, the house of Tarzan

If there is a place on the planet where the jungle threatens to devour everything, that is Gabon. We speak of a country where 95% of its territory is covered with the most lush vegetation ever seen

Such is so, including the large amount of wildlife, that the last film of la "Legend of Tarzan" has chosen its scenarios to recreate the best adventures

Ethnic diversity, unique landscapes and even a small dream, to enjoy the surfing hippos seen so many times in documentaries ...

Greenland, spirit of exploration

Raise your hand who would not want to spend their summer trip (for example) in the cold or in the snow if this is Greenland. We do not raise it among other reasons because, as you will remember, our last year's chosen destination was precisely the trip to Greenland, the largest island in the world

It is a destination that will not leave you indifferent where the adventure is assured, even part of the spirit of exploration which is hardly found on other occasions. Why include it in our list? It is a different and original trip where there are them, with virgin landscapes and populations of ancient Vikings or Inuit aboriginal cultures

Here you can contemplate the imposing icebergs that form it, tour its glaciers, practice kayaking between mountain landscapes and fjords, etc ... An adventure that will never be forgotten

Madagascar, the lost island

And from one island to another. For us Madagascar was essential in this traditional Sunday list as it is another one of those dreams that one day we hope to fulfill.

You see, for all those who have been naming you, that nature destinations at some time of the year are not lacking in our traveling goals. What is special about Madagascar? Well, for us all since it is an exotic place where its landscapes are exceptional like the Tsingy (landscape formed by pinnacles of limestone rock) and its unique fauna and flora in the world(Here we will find species that are native to Madagascar and that have evolved differently through the isolation process)

Don't you feel like knowing something like that? and in which we can also combine days of nature with days of paradisiacal beaches where to practice multiple activities such as scuba diving or simply relax along with being able to know a culture very different from that of Africa. Why didn't you remember that something like that existed?

Mongolia, the last nomads

And our last alternative destination today, although not the last in our future traveler, Mongolia, do we tell you why we included it here?

This nation is what remains of the ancient Mongol empire that once dominated much of Asia, so many people have inhabited it since prehistoric times. Mongolia is one of the last destinations in the world where everything you will be surprised by its authenticity and the splendor that it gives off and where you can see the almost last nomads of the planet

Its steppes are the largest on the planet and seem endless. Its colorful Gobi desert or its Tibetan forest will be an abrupt contrast and will bewitch you.

Have we helped you decide for the future? Now, as always, With which of the 7 "alternative" exotic destinations to end this year do you stay this time? For now it is secret, but we promise surprises all the photos of this article except ours are from the image bank of Shutterstock.comto which we subscribe

Paula and Isaac, traveling alternative destinations around the world