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"And I, in turn, tell you that you are Peter and on this stone I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be unleashed in the heavens. - Matthew 16: 13-20 "

With these words Jesus proclaimed what the Vatican state would be today, cradle of the Catholic Church.

You can be more or less Christian, believer, Catholic or simply believe all the religion that promulgates the old and new testament, but what can not be doubted is that regardless of beliefs, all this contains an exciting historical and cultural world.

Today is the day of religious Rome, or rather, of Vatican State, the cradle of what is today the religion that moves the most faithful.

The city of the Vatican barely has 0.44 km2 and a population of 900 inhabitants and was in 1929 when it was proclaimed independent.

We knew it was a day that was going to congregate a lot of people, so we got up very soon and at 7:30 we got there walking. There was hardly anyone.

The main visits of the Vatican are the following:

- St. Peter's Square, which can be observed without penetrating the controls
- Basilica of Saint Peter, once passed the controls, by the tail on the right. Opens at 7:30
- Dome, which opens at 8:00 and from which you can see the wonder of Michelangelo from above as well as the views of St. Peter's Square from "the air" and the city of Rome
- Papal Tombs, where the different popes are buried, including John Paul II
- Vatican Museums, which includes the famous Sistine Chapel
- St. Peter's Necropolis, the great unknown. Only 300 visitors do so per day prior reservation. Culturally essential (ARTICLE DEDICATED HERE)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newspaper was made on the v1 of this website, when we wrote only and exclusively for the family, so it is not as complete as the rest. However, you will find very valuable information to organize your own trip in the most romantic, historical or mysterious Rome, including the basement of the Vatican in. Soon we will return to make a much more complete diary

What is the best way to see everything during the tourist season (which are all)? Without a doubt, everything has its tricks.

The first thing we did was observe the St. Peter's Square. Two colonnades guard the Basilica, an incredible panorama.

Without any queue (there were hardly any people) we passed the control of bags and backpacks and headed towards the Basilica of Saint Peter, by the "tail" right (there were no people yet). Such a magestuosity could only be the capital of Christianity, as Lonely tells us.

Shortly after 8:00 we got to the "tail on the left" that separates the entrance of the Basilica from the entrance to the Papal Tombs and the Dome. We were heading to the Dome (€ 10 both) since the entrance to the Necropolis that we will tell you later, gives us a lot of play (including the entrance to the area of ​​the Papal Tombs).

We only wait 15 minutes, when we were already climbing the 573 steps that separated us from the "sky". Before arriving at "this one" we could observe and almost touch the touching interior Dome of Michelangelo.

And finally we arrived, almost with the tongue out ... The views, indescribable ...

This deserves a good breakfast, doesn't it? People were beginning to arrive in mansalva and there were huge queues to enter. You just have to see the previous photos, that of the arch of right colonnades, which is why you entered. We got off the dome and left on the left and went to have a good deserved breakfast (€ 8.90), buying another gift on the way (€ 1).

Here came the best time of day, and possibly the entire trip. We had booked months ago (more by heard or read than otherwise) the visit to the St. Peter's Necropolis (€ 20 both -ARTICLE DEDICATED HERE-).

The entrance was right through the exit area of ​​the Basilica, where the Swiss Guard was located, which gave us the right with the paper to enter through the exit (and skip the tail) before showing the role to those who guard that no one strain (mental note for future travelers). In addition, the visit ends in the area of ​​the Papal Tombs, "colandote" to the usual tail and being able to observe the most famous tomb, that of John Paul II. Finally, if someone does not want to "sneak in" with this reservation, at the end they leave you right outside the Basilica, without having to make the other queue or show the paper to those who guard that nobody sneaks in. Total, a bargain.

Apart from "tricks", the most important thing is that the visit was a joy and deserves a this article apart in

As a summary, in 1939, while the foundations of the tomb of Pius XI were being prepared, the Necropolis that were already sensed to exist were coincidentally discovered. Years after years they have been cleaning all that until they find the tomb of St. Peter, which is located inside the Basilica of Constantine and below that of Michelangelo.

In this image you can see what we mean. Constantine, to match the valley in which the Vatican was located, buried all the Pantheons and temples on land and built a slab on which the current Vatican cemented (which is why it is called Necropolis and not Catacombs). Level II is the one that was known until recently, the Clementine dome, level III the Basilica of San Pedro and the Level I are these Necropolis and the visit of the SCAVI At the end you can see, just below the previous basilicas, the original tomb of St. Peter illuminated in red. Will it really be? We do not know, but the visit is chills.

Amazed, we went out to the outskirts of the Vatican City. The queue to enter was already almost 3 laps to the square and that of the Vatican museums was going around the building (about 3 hours of waiting), so we decided it was a good time for eat in a little park one of our travel snacks, and then approach to see the Castel d 'San Angel.

The feet said !! we can no more! !! we can't anymore !!, so we decided to take a "crucerito" by the Tiber (€ 24 both) to the Trastevere area and Tiberina Island, our last area of ​​this trip getaway.

And here we were ... Trastevere, one of the most seductive areas of Rome. With labyrinthine streets crowded with restaurants, bars and good atmosphere.

Of course, you could not miss the mid-afternoon beer (€ 10) that we had become fashionable on this trip, hehehe

Going down to the main street we pass by the Church of Santa Cecilia, the martyr, as explained in the Catacombs of San Calixto. We also go through the Santa Maria de Trastevere until finally we went to give a platform with a lot of gear and make time for dinner.

Pippippiii !! Meat craving !!! What a small Dinner we stick (€ 57) in a terrace of a restaurant on a picturesque street in Trastevere. Unforgettable

Night falls and tomorrow comes the return to apartment. Today was an intense day and we really loved it. Ciao ragazzos !!!

Isaac, from Rome (Italy)

EXPENSES DAY: 147.90 €