The Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley


Inuit legends tell that it is spiritual powers that dominate life, from Sedna (Spirit of the Sea) that provide food to humans exercising sovereignty over animals to The Spirit of the Moon, not forgetting that of the Air. Perhaps today everyone is already processing Christianity but days like today, walking among flowing waterfalls, flower landscapes and beautiful troughs, in the Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley, I could get to understand them

What I could not imagine was the prize that awaited us as a climax, the Kiattut glacier, on one of the best (and most famous) excursions in Southern Greenland

The Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley

Today we had to get up a little more early as we will have a long walk. He Breakfast at Leif Erikssson Hostel It is comforting enough to start a good day of full nature.

Our route today it will be something similar to the following ...

The little asphalt we have seen these days, in a territory without roads, we cross it right now until we find the valley that will take us to our destination. I think that at this point of travel we all have enough batteries, although it is the French who, together with Daniel, put themselves in rhythm first.

He first section is quite flat and it will be later where we will face the most vertical part to reach one of the most beautiful scenarios in the south of the Greenlandic territory

The tour of the Mil Flores glacier valley is the hardest? (perhaps better "long") of all those made with Polar Lands but does not reach 13.8 km in total


Total tour time: 7 hours (3-4 hours one way)
Difficulty: MEDIUM (the climb becomes hard and you have to get to use your hands)
Status as necessary: OKAY. Do hiking trails occasionally or be in good shape.
Distance: 13.8 kilometers
Accumulated drop:600 meters
Maximum level:300 meters
Type of terrain:Trail and rock
Mosquito level: Tall. Use of mosquito net and / or repellent recommended

Green, red, white ... streams, waterfalls, mountains, valleys. He trekking of the Mil Flores glacier valley It is the most famous in Greenland for many reasons, among them the one that gives it its name, it is the place where you can find some types of typical greenland flowers, some more common and others not so much, as well as the only small trees in the territory.

An important thing is that in a trekking like this, if you do not have the proper form or you do not see yourself able to do it, you can consider a quiet day around the camp (they give you all the flexibility of the world) or even not do the last section staying a guide assistant with you (so did an Indian who joined the group today and went with the guide Nora). I imagine that it will be necessary to warn previously but it is a marvel, it is worth the effort.

RECOMMENDATION: Never forget Your canteen full of water before leaving. In some trekking it is possible to fill it in streams or waterfalls, but in others you may not find that facility (and you will need it)

Those small flowers that we commented, mixed with the Arctic cotton, did not hide a harder stage that we began to see on the horizon

He Trekking pace adapts to all members. Some of us stopped to take many photos, others go a little slower and others like to keep pace, but always our guide Daniel and closing it Eva, and pausing the march when they see fit.

Can you guess where I always end up? It is what you have to go with so many things ...

Gaining height among mosquitoes "devours people"

In these moments of adventure, I have already become almost inseparable fromIda and Antonio, always full of energy and positivism to face a new day, although today some stop on the path becomes complicated with the presence of the mosquito eaters that we had not seen in such quantity these days.

The theme of Mosquitoes in Greenland really solves with a simple mosquito net helped with a visor cap (I have not used it today, the repellent has worked quite well for me), but "some" will not agree with this when I look at his back tonight at the camp (and wearing a simple breathable shirt can be a bad idea -I had the thermal underneath and I didn't find out-). We call them mosquitoes although we could really call them the Greenland Air Force because of the size "iceberg XL" they have and, as one said, the polar bear force bites they hit. Of course, they can not with the cold and disappear as soon as the sun does at night (although it is not total at this time of year)

Another thing that still surprises me is the spark and good vibes transmitted by Jose Carlos (another inseparable) whom I usually address as "El Cordobés" although he always repeats to me "that my mother does not hear you" (he is from Jerez de la Frontera), even when we are in the most difficult section of what, at times, becomes almost climbing helped by hands

As we reach height, the places become a true natural spectacle without limits

The climb, leaving imposing waterfalls and even stretches of perennial snow to the sun that is hitting throughout the day (and it is noticeable - should be done about 15-20 ° C -) ends in a "sweet" that inevitably opens our eyes.

A beautiful lake that will allow us to cool down and catch energy for him, not too long, last leg of the day (of around 3-4 hours of total rise)

The tongue of the Kiattut glacier, a gift for the eyes

Renewed energies? On the side of the lake we begin the last effort and much less tense and with the sun leaving us the most vivid and beautiful colors of the day

There is. We have arrived. Right in front of us ... !! The immense language of the Kiattut glacier !!

Do I have adjectives left? I am aware of my limitations to convey such a moment and beauty. Steep granite cliffs, rivers of crystal clear waters, majestic landscapes and one of the most imposing glaciers ever seen.

It is an unreal landscape seen from a unique location and above where we will do the picnic to eat (The meals will always be like this to be able to reach these places, the dinners will be hot already in base camp). Could there be a better place right now in the world to do it? Paula, you were going to love this, you can almost see the infinite frozen desert of the Inlandis in the distance on the horizon.

For a moment I have remembered those tortuous paths along the Drake Passage towards trip to Antarctica. Cast? Something as simple as the Sopistant that so many long days accompanied me without being able to get up from the berth and that appears capriciously in my life in polar territories.

The remains of the Narsarsuaq Hospital

With pain of moving away from such a wonder it is time to retrace our steps, and perhaps more crestfallen fruit of the adrenaline expelled during the great experience.

THE SERIES "TRAVEL TO GREENLAND" NOW IN YOUTUBEA trip like this deserved the best AUDIOVISUAL EXPERIENCE in ourYoutube channel. You can see here the COMPLETE SERIES and then the chapter of this day without leaving the article you are reading (do not miss the images of Perejildo -our drone-) ...

Still not reaching Narsarsuaq, I don't think it is that it has much beyond a small airport, imprint of the American presence during World War II and a dismantled hospital, although the latter did not know until the moment of passing through a strange area.

We who like the "esoteric" (Have you not read our passage through "Pyramiden, the ghost town of the Arctic"or"Rasafa cisterns in Syria"?, among others) just to imagine that what they tell us can be true makes us stand on end. The what? Well, during years of war here the craziest experiments with humans that have ever been carried out were performed. Others say that the serious wounded of the Korean war were brought here so as not to expose it to public opinion. Today we can barely see some stones of what the chimney should have been that gave warmth to some of its enclosures. But, Why was everything but this one dismantled?

Of the rest little to tell you, returning in 4x4 to the pier and crossing the fjord to Qassiarsuk again. Arrive at Leif Eirikson Hostel after a hard day, receive the smile of the team or the visit of Ramon and Getse, take a shower and have another excellent Rafa dinner At the table it is a privilege (today a kind of delicious tenderloin -and that said that Greenland the spectacular fish but the meat was not going to like us much-), although of the life in the hostel I will speak to you in another day with more calm. A few beers (4.5 EUR) farewell? !More tomorrow!

Isaac (with Ida, Antonio and Jose Carlos), from Qassiarsuk (Greenland)