7 car routes for a Holy Week


Discover charming places or just escape the routine? Easter This is usually the ideal date that we Spaniards use to disconnect. Spas, sun and beach or even great trips sound like perfect options. Have you already chosen your destiny? We leave you 7 different routes by car as an alternative for those who are still looking for these vacation plans, especially aimed at those new followers who know even less the itineraries we have made and told in Keys

We are going from roadtrip, many of them very affordable and close!

1. Switzerland, travel by car from Zurich to Geneva

If there is a country in which to drive between dreamlike enclaves, of beautiful nature, and in a very simple way, that is Switzerland as we did in our trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 2014

A perfect option would be to take the car in Zurich and return it in Geneva a week later, passing through the Rhine Falls, Stein Am Rhein, Liechtenstein, Zug, Lucerne, Bern, Thun, Interlaken, Freiburg, Gruyeres, Chillón, Montreux and Lausanne

Do they look like many? Do not believe, the distances are small and the roads are very well prepared

2. Munich and a route through the Austrian Alps

It was the first one we did Paula and Isaac as a couple in that trip to Munich and Austrian Alps We remember with love, leaving and entering Munich in about 5-6 days.

Little fairy tales like Hallstatt, the Mad King's castle or the beautiful Salzburg, were some of our most special stops

As in the previous case, the route, even in the worst weather conditions, is in very good condition

3. Norwegian Fjords, the enclave of capricious nature

And, also in a week in our trip to the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords, we are part of why Norway is considered one of those essential places to meet at least once in a lifetime

From Stavanger to Bergen, but perfectly expandable by the North and the South to dreamlike corners, without missing the mythical Preikestolen, Kjerag, Flam or Naeroyfjord, we enter a world of idyllic landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, deep valleys and the most impressive fjords of the world

Again, both getting some of the multiple cheap flights that are currently present as a route by car on good roads, is not the most expensive in a country with high purchasing power.

4. Madeira, the paradise of hiking

Different options? Just 2 hours from the peninsula and close to the Canary Islands, the trip to Madeira opened before our eyes viewpoints of vertigo, dozens of routes of levadas or hiking and landscapes of contrasts worthy of being enjoyed

By renting a car at the Airport or at Funchal itself, we can organize a perfect 5, 6 or 7 day getaway to combine the relaxation provided by the Lido area, the swimming pools of the excellent hotel offer (we are not in a beach destination) with a day tour of an island that has much to discover

One suggestion, do not skimp on the power of the car, since the interior of the island has very steep slopes (not dangerous) in which you will appreciate it

5. Romania, a route through Transylvania

When we are asked about an economic alternative for a car route through Europe with very tight budgets we always go to that trip to Bucharest and Transylvania what we did in 2011

Although the tour is very expandable to the 4 days we were in villages in the heart of Transylvania, others such as Sinaia, Bran, Brasov or Rasnov took us on an economic route hiring a car at Bucharest Airport (which is located north of the city) that can perfectly end in a visit to the capital and its majestic Parliament

The roads? Without being those in another area of ​​Europe, they are well prepared to circulate through them without security problems.

6. Israel and Palestine, the entrance to the Holy Land

Anything more daring? We go to the Holy Land in a trip to Israel and Palestine of 2013 that began in Tel Aviv and ended in Jerusalem of the most impressive we have made in recent times

Israel, leaving other connotations aside, is a country very prepared to receive tourism. Their roads are perfect (although they drive like crazy), the distances are small and in a small territory congregates sanctuaries and wonders of the history of humanity that got us excited, passing through places like Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth, Dead Sea, Masada or the Palestinian territories of Jericho, Bethlehem and Hebron

How many days? Holy Week could be an ideal date, where you can also participate in your own "Via Crucis" in Jerusalem

7. Alsace, door of the fairytale villages

And I could not miss to finish this list of suggestions of the "Vermouth Sundays" that last route of a week that we have done in the trip to Alsace 2015 using the Euro-Basel Airport as input.

Are you looking for fairytale villages? A family trip with children? This is your destiny. Alsace represents the largest accumulation of them per square meter, with very small distances, good roads and ideal for a week itinerary. Mulhouse, Colmar, Riquewihr, Ribeauville ...

Leave a couple of days for Strasbourg or Colmar or both, destinations that are well worth enjoying calmly if you can afford it


And as in any good list, even if it is not a song, we leave you with a "bonus track" that will inspire more than one in these times when the daily trip to Cuba The web is one of the most sought after.

The enchantment of Havana, its colonial and beautiful villages of Trinidad, Viñales or Cienfuegos, Cayo Largo, Cayo Levisa or the beaches of Bahía de Cochinos, are some of the attractions of the western area of ​​a country that still breathes authenticity in abundance

And you, Have you been inspired to start your own planning of a route by car through one of these destinations? Which would you recommend us to be next?