Gastronomic route through Barcelona


It wasduring November 29 and 30 and December 01 and 02, 2011 when our concerns would move us to spend a few days in the City of Barcelona, one of our essentials every year and that once had been part of our escapades, although this time (and retaking the section for a few days My country so abandoned) we will try to tell something about something we love about all the sites we visit ... !! YOUR MOST GASTRONOMIC ROUTE!

It was around 22'00 on the night of November 29, 2011 when we landed in Barcelona. Searching for accommodation in Barcelona is almost never problematic and the day did not give for much more, although we were not going to miss the opportunity to prepare the visits of November 30. Sagrada Familia, Sarria, Universitat, Raval, Ciudat Vella ... occupied our time.

But this little getaway had two main goals. The first one was without a doubt the try their excellent cuisine, which we will talk about now. The second was get together !! 2 years later !! with Josep and Angela with whom so good memories does Isaac have of his true expeditionary adventure to Antarctica in 2009 (Although with Josep we have already agreed in A Coruña previously).

The Barcelona cuisine, and Catalan in general, is simply exquisite. Its origins come from the mixture since ancient times of Italian, French, Greek, Provencal, Arabic and Jewish cuisine, that is, typical of the Mediterranean, which mixes the abundance of vegetables and tasty meat and fresh fish, cooked with the best olive oil, and with the best international projection of chefs such as Ferrán Adriá, Carles Gaig, Carme Ruscalleda or Sergi Arola. But to find information there is already a lot Google so… Which are our favorites? Without a doubt, the following:

Spinach with raisins and pine nuts
Bread with tomato
Beans with sausage and bacon

Roasted tender onion
Chickpeas with variants
Roasted vegetables (eggplant, ...)

Butifarra served with white beans
Cod salad, tomatoes, ...
Stew mixture of meat and fish

Beef stew with mushrooms
Noodles with monkfish or cod and aioli
Chicken, jarre, chorizo, ...

But many more dishes complement the culinary offer of Barcelona, such as cod fritters, snails, rovellones, cannelloni, xató, thyme soup, empredrat, meatballs with sepia, stewed pork trotters, lamb or rabbit, rostit, ...

How to enjoy this variety of Gastronomy in a few days? The best option, as in any city, is to get lost in it and get carried away where instinct (and in this case smell) guide you. For us, choosing a place to eat is not very different from an accommodation, although perhaps with the multitude of rental options in Barcelona or perhaps another good option, such as in Madrid, the hostels in Barcelona that can be obtained at a very good price They can lift you more headaches than choosing a good restaurant.

One of the days, lost by the flea markets of the Ciutat Vella, we ended up in a large dining room with menus of the day that we do not remember the name that had nothing to envy the best restaurant, and at excellent prices.

Of course, we could not give up the opportunity to bring us some usual Christmas presents, that tenth lottery (which he didn't play) and that bite that Angela and Josep gave us for Christmas.

Talk about restaurants in Barcelona It could be endless. That's why in addition to the tapas of any big city (remember that tapas day in Madrid in a previous getaway) we will give you the opinion of two "must have" we went to in our stay and that we recommend to any traveler with a good pocket (since they are expensive) but who wants to pamper themselves

The first of them is him Zinc Sentits, a Famous Michelin Star restaurant with tasting menus which brings a new vision to Catalan cuisine much more modern and minimalist. Both the service and the combination of flavors in the dishes is excellent. We liked it very much and the atmosphere of the place is perfect to spend an unforgettable evening.

On the second we finish the night of the third day, the also famous D'Alta Mar Tower, where we also have to have a good pocket fund. The best, its location, in the old fishing village of Barceloneta and on top of the Cable Car Tower, With a really stunning view. The food is also very good, being able to choose from a wide variety of dishes or also opt for a tasting menu.

They also speak very well of places like the Montiel Restaurant, he With grace, he Osmosis or the Gelonch, but our pocket would appreciate leaving them for another occasion.

Though As in any good getaway, it is always best to finish it in the best company. !! Thank you very much Josep and Angela! for that welcome, that evening and those "noodles with cod and aioli", the best we have eaten ...

Are you encouraged now to enjoy a true gastronomic route through Barcelona? Where do we do next?

Paula and Isaac with Josep and Angela, from Barcelona