30 tips for traveling to Peru important


One of the classic articles at the end of travel journals that we think usually helps a little (or much) to future travelers is the recommendations that you should keep in mind before embarking on your way to your destination and even, if you hurry me, before to pack Some of these Tips for traveling to Peru important You will know them well enough but you may not realize others and it is usually a good "checklist".

Here is our collection based on this and other trips, mistakes made or inform us of this beautiful country, Peru. Ah, we can expand it with others that you consider appropriate

30 Tips for traveling to Peru important to know

Tips for traveling to Peru of interest before your trip

1 After thinking, deciding or choosing the things to see in Peru, we recommend that you do a planing to put them in order with some sense and thus not to walk, as we always say, as "headless chickens".

2 Ideally, make a itinerary since in a country like Peru that has so much to do and is so necessary. It is not a destination to go "on the fly" if you do not have time (if you can afford free time, no problem) but you will miss many things. A good option is to rate an agency as America Tours, specialists in the Americas and let you advise or even send your proposal. Its main added value is the ability to create customized trips and reach places where "others do not arrive"

3 Another tip that we take "to work" is to take a copy of the passport to leave the original stored in the accommodation Where you are now that you can lose it and then it is a "mess" to do the paperwork.

4 One suggestion, perhaps not so important because it depends more on your travel style, is to take the main reservations made in advance. These would be for us those of Nazca overflight, the train and Machu Picchu tickets and, if you have decided to do so, the multi-day excursion to Amazon of Peru. All this will be included if you have opted for a specialized agency.

5 Carry comfortable shoes in Peru is essential since you are going to walk a lot and, above all, surely in some of your routes you find trekking sections so with more reason this advice is almost essential.

6 In Peru, as in other countries, you can perfectly use your credit card depending on the conditions of your bank, however also We recommend you bring cash that you can perfectly change there, usually in exchange houses. Its currency is the new Peruvian sun and, as of the date of this article, the change is € 1 = 3.84 PEN.

7 The electric current in Peru is 220v as in Spain, so You will not need to "reel" transformers.

8 Find out very well before starting your trip to Peru of the so-called "altitude sickness" since Peru is one of the countries where you can easily suffer it (and that can perfectly annoy your trip). There it is known as soroche or mountain sickness and is the possible lack of oxygen when it reaches certain altitudes, especially when the person is not accustomed. Chewing coca, hydrating and many other remedies are viable to avoid this "altitude sickness" although to us (as we told you the day we visited the Colca Valley) a medicine called Edemox, a type of aspirin, helped us. Keep an eye on your doctor and take it only under medical prescription as we did and whenever he decides that it is right for you.

9 Regarding necessary vaccinations To travel to Peru, you really would not need any unless you visit Sandoval Lake. The Peruvian jungle does require that of yellow fever and malaria prophylaxis, as well as the consequent precaution against mosquitoes.

10 Make a check list It may be a good idea because you will know that you do not forget anything important: purchased flight, hired travel insurance, decided accommodations, credit cards without expiration, options of excursions and transfers purchased in advance printed, ...


It is always necessary to take out insurance to travel to any country in the world but in Peru it is perhaps essential since, although medical care is good, it is very expensive. You can find a big hole in your budget if you need something for your services and you were not sure.11 The difference in temperatures on a trip through such a large country will make you doubt what put in the suitcase so, in this case, the most convenient thing is to wear a little of everything with light clothes if you go to the coast but with some shelter for the mountain areas and even some raincoat or a pair of boots if you go between November and April .

12 Peru is a country with a fascinating history so it can be good advice that you read some good book about the civilization of the Incas but also about the pre-Inca cultures. It will put you fully in everything you visit.

Tips for traveling to Peru useful during your experience

13 One very important thing to consider in all your trips is the issue of water and in Peru you also have to take it into account. Do not drink tap water but always bottled and the same goes for salads or ice that is better not to consume them. Really many times this is not so much because it is bad or anything like that, but because when you are traveling and accustomed to a type of water, the gut can break down and give you a "little" can.

14 You have to enjoy the Peruvian gastronomy since it is one of the best in the world with a great variety of dishes that delight anyone. Of course, we hit the matter, the coriander after a week comes out of your ears, haha

15 We on trips to make the most of time, to time to eat we don't stop much (We do not usually go to any restaurant where they can take a long time to serve) and we give more importance to dinner than you rest for the day and already sit down to rest and relax.

16 One precaution to keep in mind is that in Peru they drive quite badly (Do not be offended Peruvian friends, it is because of speed and roads). In case you move with a guide ... Don't cut yourself! If you feel uncomfortable, let him know to slow down. We had to say it on some occasions every few times because their tendency is to run as much as they can and, after all, it is your trip to enjoy.

17 As in almost all countries with significant capitals, the usual safety precautions. Lima is no different and you should not walk at night without knowing where you do it. However, in the rest of the country it is not necessary (well, precautions always) because they are charming and take care of tourism to the fullest.

18 Of course don't forget that Peru is a fascinating country as we have told you in the articles we publish about it, so you will have millions of things to photograph. Be sure, therefore, of carry enough extra batteries from your camera so that you have nothing left without capturing (in the Amazon jungle they only put the electric generator for certain hours, for example)

19 Machu Picchu without Peru has no place and Peru without Macchu Picchu It would not be the same for what we know will be one of your goals and even a dream to fulfill. Our recommendation is that Get up early always on your trips but especially if you are going to know the Sacred City. It is a joy to see the first hour clouds rise leaving a Machu Picchu in all its splendor exposed.

20 On your trip to Peru you will not spend too much since it is a quite cheap and affordable country but in some area around Machu Picchu like Aguas Calientes, prices may skyrocket, so I consider your daily spending

21 Regarding transport has multiple options In addition to being a very good alternative and is adapted for everyone so if you can use public transport service even to combine with your organized circuit if you have it.

22 For the above reason, we advise that you move at night on certain days of your tour of Peru, since the distances are so great, there will be long distances and in the transport so good that they are not even going to find out. Surely your specialized agency will already include this option in its proposal for certain days (especially from Nazca to Arequipa)

23 The bargaining is a way of life in Peru not only in stores, markets or street stalls so cool that there are everywhere to buy handicrafts, but also in many accommodations.

24 The drinks are very cheap in this country both water and soft drinks, the latter especially. Perhaps it is a good idea to always take some with you to avoid some "diving" in other more touristy places.

25 If you're thinking of fly over the Nazca Lines, another of the famous and impressive excursions take into account your sensitivity to dizziness. The light planes make many turns and turn back and forth causing you to end up dizzy (and even vomiting). Hydrate and give yourself the fresh or take a fan to enjoy them in their splendor. If you are sensitive to the tide, think about it.

26 Here is the culture of tips But neither is mandatory nor a fixed amount is established, it will depend on the satisfaction of the service. Still normal would be 10% of the bill in tourist restaurants or 5 to 8 soles.

27 In Peru you will meet lots of crafts and typical things to buy so on this trip you will have plenty of memories to choose from that will be able to return home with you. A liquor from Pisco Sauer or Chilcano can be one of the options or variety of pieces of clothing made with alpaca wool.

28 It is also very frequent that bathrooms of the places where you stop for a drink are outside and you have to pay to make use of them with what I had planned in addition to always carrying on top if you can the toilet paper since you can find yourself in a bind.

Tips for traveling to Peru after your arrival

29 The first thing you do when you arrive, before even placing the gifts you would have bought, is a copy of all your photos and videos (or if you have used external disks to save them). Lost memories cannot be recovered. Ideally, as Isaac always recommends, is that you make this copy already on the trip itself on the fly.

30 An old acquaintance among our councils is that go with more time next time Since surely you have not reached anything and you had a thousand things to visit or enjoy, haha. Go planning your second trip to Peru.

The most important advice to travel to Peru ... Enjoy !!!

We believe that it is the most important advice we can give you and although it seems very obvious sometimes it is not so. Try to go with an open mind and prepared with all your daily patience reserve in case unforeseen occurrences That can almost always come up. In Peru people are lovely but they have a particular rhythm of always doing things without hurry (which we should all have). Do not get overwhelmed and ... enjoy !!!

Have you discovered something that you had not fallen in these tips to travel to Peru? We leave you homework so that you can go back to your travel arrangements. We hope we have helped you and you can come up with some other recommendation, we will be delighted that you share it and complete this list.


Isaac and Paula wishing to return to Peru