Guangzhou Canton Fair


The 5 in the morning and I'm already spinning and with my eyes wide. The jetlag did not affect me as much as it did now. Miriam seems to sleep, so I'm going to groom and go down to the hall to post some story and make time. There is already some guiri doing the same thing as me, some playing with a remote control helicopter (!! a pimp !!) that flies all over the hall that has had to be bought these days ... What it seems is that I am aware that I am in Guangzhou

Today we will enter one of the most important events worldwide in terms of fair / exhibition, and the one that started this trip a few months ago, the CANTON FAIR, also called Canton Fair. But first we do something similar to a breakfast. In 15 minutes we are in Pazhou, where the fair is held.

As yesterday we did not do the IC-CARD necessary to attend the fair, and today opens the venue to register at 8:30, we enter early until the no less impressive fairground that hosts it, the Pazhou. !! It seems like a spacecraft taken from the best Star Wars movies !!

The CANTON FAIR is the most important Import and Export Fair in the world. It was founded in spring 1957 and takes place every year in spring and autumn. We are already in the 109 edition after more than 50 years of existence. Participants in it also come from all countries and regions of the planet. In fact, the guides that I met in the Hall were also there yesterday, since the hotel has made a bus available for guests. Enter here it turns out !! more than awesome !! !! More than 40,000 exhibitors! But about the fair, being work, I will not develop too much because it would bore you (Of course, you know that the Internet is censored. We tell you how to navigate freely without restrictions or blockages in)

After eating in the same complex, a couple of fast pizzas (180 RMB), and take a cappuccino (140 RMB), we put heading to the subway (There are two stops right here) as today we will try to make some interesting visits to the city of Guangzhou. The subway shows that it must be modern. It is very careful, it is cheap (20 RMB all four) and it seems wide. Of course, I challenge anyone who wants to take a picture taking all the Chinese who leave at once. !! What madness !! Same or worse than in Japan

Another curiosity that surprises us as soon as we leave the Huangsha Station stop, after making a couple of transfers, is vendors of !! DISPLAYED TIGER HATS !! and several horns of all kinds. I hallucinate

The route we have done today is something similar to the following:

Our first stop is at the exciting Huang Sha fish market, which has nothing to do with Tsujiki's in Tokyo that we saw that day 13 at Trip to Japan 2008, at least as far as hygiene is concerned. We are in a fish market that works 24 hours a day.

It is a fish market where many fishermen make a living out of fishing for anything to eat, even if at the expense of sanitary conditions. We see eels, sea beetles, turtles

crabs, giant oysters, all kinds of fish and exotic fish

They call themselves the "Asia's largest underwater market"I doubt that it is so, but to see such merchandise, the completely wet ground, trucks up and down, boxes on all sides, all kinds of bugs, an intense smell at times unbearable and know that it is one of the markets that send fish and seafood to all of China !! IMPRESS !!

Our walk brings us closer to the Shamian Island, which is a small island connected by several bridges, and isolated from megaescalextrix, with large gardens, several embassies and where tranquility is breathed

After the opium war of 1859, this was the only place in all of China where western settlements (especially French and British) were allowed. That same air is still breathed on the island, with classic houses and lots of peace to spend a quiet afternoon

You can also see how they take pictures of wedding girls, which I did not quite understand. Perhaps they take advantage of this peace to take photos of newlyweds

We go to the North, and after crossing the main avenue over an overpass, we are immediately located in one of the most picturesque markets in all of Guangzhou, the Qing Ping Market. We enter by him medicine market.

Here you can find all kinds of species, chamomile, saffron, mushrooms ... !! AND TILL SEA HORSES AND DISKED Lizards !! To piss and take no drop

Between the beating of Canton Fair and the walk we take, it's a good time to rest for a while in a local place. We have located one, not too hygienic either, but perfect to have some beers (14 RMB) and continue our route (and have an ice cream -14 RMB-).

We now enter what It was once an animal trafficking market, where any living bug that existed (raccoons, monkeys, snakes ...) was put up for sale. Day by day. After the 2003 SARS pandemic and the 2008 Olympic Games, is it a simple one? pet market

Even so, I would not be surprised if there is still a "part B" that we do not reach, seeing all kinds of batracians, farmed fish, dogs, turtles, guinea pigs, etc ...

Anyway, we return to the Pearl River bank, where before the main promenade, we find a monument with a lot of history. Its about Shaji Massacre Martys Memorial, a memory in memory of the 52 people who died in the anti-imperialist movement of June 23, 1925, when British and French opened indiscriminate fire at this point to the protesters.

The walk next to the Pearl River is beautiful. Here hundreds of people, or thousands, in love, sportsmen and all kinds of families make their lives today Sunday ... well, and let's say some kind of "special" people too

We pass by the Xidi jetty, and we see a kind of bright cruises leave. How nice are those river walks between skyscrapers and bridges that begin to be illuminated. We go further that there seems to be another jetty.

DOGMA Nº4: !! China is the smoker's paradise !! Here they smoke even under water ... EYE! In Hong Kong it is no longer prohibited in public places

We keep walking until we reach the Tianzi jetty, where there are many cruceritos that leave at all hours with different schedules every 15 and 30 minutes and with a multitude of floor options (we buy 1st floor) and regime (we choose a tea, but there are snacks, fruit and even dinner buffet) . Actually the word "buy" and "choose" are wrong. There nobody understands English and we get carried away by luck and "Chinese intuition". Boarding calls are also not understood by anyone (in perfect Chinese), as well as finding the place of the table where we are located. Its price, about 68 RMB per head.

He Pearl River pass through Guangzhou once it begins to get dark leaves spectacular postcards, taken from real futuristic photographs, and that begin to be seen from the jetty itself.

He Pearl River is the third longest river of those that run entirely through China, after the Yangtze and the Yellow River, and the second in flow, after the Yangtze. It flows into Hong Kong and Macao. It is named for the name of an island of sand and stone located in the middle and because it leaves the most economically prosperous areas of China in its wake.

The ride is a real pimp. All Guangzhou is illuminated at this time: bridges of lights that change color, rays to the sky in buildings and neon even in the least expected place. The images speak for themselves…

The route, passing under several bridges (hanging, cable-stayed, ...) reaches a famous palace, the Opera House, whose opening has been recent, and that is a complex of more than 70,000 m2 that is beautiful at this time with water shows combined with images on giant screens. The design serves as an urban gateway to Guangzhou as the cultural epicenter of Asia

Without reaching the height of Pazhou, where Canton Fair is held, the little boat turns around, leaving precious snapshots for any night photography lover.

After about 70 minutes of "little trip", and with some small "trancazo" by the air conditioning that begins to kill us, we set course for a megarestaurante that we saw when passing. His name is Guang Zhou Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant and it is located on the avenue itself that runs parallel to the riverbank (Qiaoguang Road in a corner where there is a roundabout).

Because here? It is amazing. It must be the most impressive seafood restaurant we've seen and one of the most famous restaurants in Guangzhou. !! 5 floors !! restaurant with all kinds of food, but especially incredible aquariums and counters where you can choose the piece that you are going to eat, from sea bass or other types of fish, to lobsters, crayfish, huge oysters, !! crocodile !!, !! snakes !! larvae !! turtles !! and any live bug that we can imagine ...

They put us on the 5th floor with beautiful views. Prices are not at all affordable to be in China, but compared to a place like this anywhere in Europe (dinner costs us 909 RMB). We choose a giant plate of sashimi of all kinds of "fish" and a giant plate of meats of all kinds of "bugs", both looking great.

We do not stop laughing at dinner. What will we be eating? There they appear until peaks, haha. Anyway ... better not think about it. By the way, that to order the food, likewise, we had to help a client (very beautiful) who spoke Spanish and Chinese, because the waiters NI IDEA of English, for a change.

He service is little less than lousy, although it gives us the feeling that in all of China it is something similar. A series of managers should be the ones who think, and the rest are Chinese waitresses who run from side to side like headless chickens. In fact, since we ordered dessert until it appears on the table, 40 minutes pass by. Much to improve these people still have in some aspects ... (they will think the same of us in other things)

After dinner we take a taxi home (43 RMB) and take some waters (6 RMB). The day has been long and tired, but full of intense experiences and "bugs" (haha). Now it's time to get some sleep in our picturesque Dongyue Fashion Hotel (full article of accommodation in THIS ARTICLE) to return to Canton Fair tomorrow. We are great friends and readers. Paula, although I already talked to you, you would have loved Canton Fair. What you don't find here is nowhere in the world. And tomorrow will be another day.

Isaac & Family, from Guangzhou (China)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: RMB 1598 (approx. 174.65 euros)