Eat in the Loire Valley: restaurants and typical dishes


As you have read if you have followed our route through the Loire Valley, not everything in it is castles and beautiful villages and landscapes. We are also talking about an area with a great culinary culture. If you are of good food, the cuisine and cuisine of this area of ​​France will be a fundamental incentive for your trip (as it was for us) and that is why we bring you some of the Typical dishes to eat in the Loire Valley that are served in its many charming restaurants but also in their Wineries and guinguettes.

Get ready to discover tasty dishes, and if you like wine, think that you will visit one of the most important wine regions in the world. Are you doing the mouth water? Well, get ready for what's coming ...

Eating in the Loire Valley: typical essential dishes

Rillettes (incoming)

The rillette is a kind of pate made with meat (usually pork) cooked in its own fat over low heat. They season it with different spices and it is taken with slices of bread.

In addition to trying it in a restaurant, you can buy it at the deli and bring it as a souvenir. You will also find varieties of rillettes of other types of meat, including fish.

Asparagus in different forms (from Sologne)

Sologne is famous for its cultivation and in many restaurants you can taste them in salads (typical of asparagus and canons from the Atlantic zone) or asparagus cream with saffron.

You will find both green and white asparagus, and the best time to try them is in early spring. Did you know that what differentiates green asparagus from whites is their way of growing them? If they grow inside the earth they will be white, if they do it outside, they are green.

Andouillettes and sausages with Muscadet

Andoulilletes are a kind of sausage traditionally made with the intestine and stomach of pork or veal while those of Muscadet are fresh sausages with wine with onion (Muscadet is a French white wine that arises from a grape called “melon from Burgundy ”)

Since you will be there, try the wine, it is one of the best known white wines in France, although in Spain it has not yet arrived in its entirety.

Géline de Touraine (the Dame Noire)

The Géline de Touraine or Black Lady, as it is known in France, is a very old chicken species whose meat stands out for its great flavor. You can try it in the oven, candied or even in salad.

We advise you to eat it stuffed. A classic is the filling of apricots.

River fish with beurre blanc

Since we are here, we will have to try some dish whose raw material comes from the Loire, right? Well you will find some delicacies like tent with beurre blanc. It is a sauce from the area that it carries: garlic (quite a lot), wine vinegar, fish stock and pepper. This sauce is used not only for carp but for other fish that the Loire like perch gives. Filled Carp of the Loire is also typical.

Deer cutlets with pieds de mouton

The pieds of mouton are typical mushrooms of the region that have a spicy background flavor. The deer, as well as wild boar, pheasant or hare can be combined in dishes with them

Personally, if you are a meat lover, do not forget to try these deer chops.

Tarte Tartin

It is a kind of apple pie whose peculiarity is based on the fact that apples have been caramelized with sugar.

Macarons de Orléans (and Cotignac in Orléans)

Although now they are very fashionable in Spain, the macarons come from this French region so it is worth trying them there (especially in Orléans) or even bring them as a great souvenir. It would also be great to try the Cotignac in Orléans, a quince dessert with a history of kings behind.

In addition to all this, you will find your great cheese with designation of origin Among those that stand out are goats (Crottin de Chavignol, Valençay, Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, Pouligny-Saint-Pierre and Selles-sur-Cher), theOlivet brandy or more typical liquors such as Cointreau, the Nougat cake from Tours, he Tourraine saffron, the honey from Orléans and Gâtinais, the famous Pithiviers(a cake made with almond paste), the Olivet and Passe-Crassane cherries and the infinite number of patents among which we could highlight the Chartres pate, a subtle mixture of partridge or duck with foie gras and truffles

And where is he came in this selection? You can not miss the Chinon or Bourgueil reds and the Vouvray or Amboise whites. Among the critics' favorites (we are not), they stand out Cheverny and Chinon in Touraine, Crémant de Loire in Anjou, or Quincy and Reuilly in Orléans.

Restaurants where to eat in the Loire Valley (very charming)

Have we managed to whet your appetite with the typical dishes of the Loire Valley? After our recent trip, we are going to give you some suggestions that we had written from forums, guides and comments from readers in addition to our own experience during the adventure. Here you have a selection ofgood charming restaurants to eat in the Loire Valley organized by towns (Eye, in Saumur, Tours, Amboise, Blois or Orléans you may have to make a reservation before. You know that now you can book online with ElTenedor in many restaurants and thus avoid queues)

Restaurants in Angers

Here we can not give you a first-hand recommendation since we only stayed for breakfast but we had theBouchon Angevin, a tasting room-tavern where to introduce the wines of the area, and theBrasserie du Theater, a great restaurant that serves elaborate food at any time, in addition to having a good atmosphere.

Restaurants in Saumur

Without hesitation, do not stop stopping at the Bigouden Creperie where you will taste some delicious cookies. If you have never tried them, they are not like the crepes we know here since the dough is different when made with buckwheat and combine very well with salty fillings.

Another one that they highly recommend is Le pot de lapin, a restaurant-wine bar at the foot of the Castle or the famousLes Ménestrels, although you have a great ElTenedor's selection of the 10 best restaurants in Saumur Where to see more options.

Restaurants in Turquant

Although it is not a large population, the Bistrologo troglodyte restaurant It is also highly recommended for its privileged location. The menu is not very wide because they offer food with local and seasonal products but you can take some fish from the area or meat cooked at its point.

Eye, it doesn't open every day. You can eat here from March 1 to December 15 but in some months they close on Mondays and in November and December on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The full menu can cost you about 35 euros per person.

Restaurants in Fontevraud

Very "category" is theLe Prieuré St Lazare, an innovative cuisine restaurant whose prices vary between 31 euros for a starter and dessert and 43 euros, which include the entree and cheeses. Another excellent option is the Fontevraud Le Restaurant (requires prior reservation that you can make online with ElTenedor) or our choice in theLe Comptoir des Vins, curious restaurant with decoration of American and French music instruments.

By the way, spectacular the duck confit that was to suck your fingers.

Restaurants in Chinon

Our original idea was to have eaten in Chinon but finally we did it in the previous town. However, we had theThe Part des Anges with menus between 23 and 34 euros and Tabac Bar near the fortress with menu of the day at 12-15 euros.

Restaurants in Tours

Do you love cheese Well don't even miss the Souris Gourmande in Tours where you can taste a fondue with different combinations of cheeses, crepes, tortillas, etc. All of them with cheese as the main ingredient. The price of the main dishes is between 10 and 15 euros, wine bottles over 20 euros and desserts over 6 euros. We, however, opted for the special hamburger which is one of the best we have tried.

Being a big city you have dozens of options. You can also see theElTenedor's selection of the 10 best restaurants in Tours.


The Guinguettes of the Loire and its tributaries are a separate genre within the restaurants, a kind of river bars ideal for disconnecting glass in hand and stinging something. In the same Loire River, the Guinguette Port de Vallée in Blaison-Gohier, the Guinguette les Tourbillons in La Possonnière, the Guinguette La Sardine in Orléans, the Guinguette La Corne des Patures in Baule, the Guinguette Tours sur Loire in Tours or the Guinguette stand out from Rochecorbon, one of the largest in France. On the river Vienna, Cher or the Indre you have the options of Chinon in Guinguette in Chinon, Guinguette-la-nouvelle / Port Avertin in Saint-Avertin, or Guinguette La Paillote de Montbazon in Montbazon

Our accommodation, the troglodyte hotel Hautes Roches carved into the rock, it was also an excellent Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Loire. Of course, prepare the portfolio.

Restaurants in Langeais

HePont Levis It was our choice, a restaurant with the naked eye very simple but with correct dishes, especially considering that the price of the menus is much lower than that of most restaurants in the area (about 16 euros per person) .

It may not be a restaurant to travel to expressly but if you are going to visit Langeais Castle and it catches you when it is time to eat, it is a good option.

Restaurants in Amboise

They are famous the L'Epicerie, La reserve, Le Bigot Pastry, L'Echanson or the Caveau de Vignerons d'Amboise, a wine cellar in the middle of the castle wall where you can try the wines of the area accompanied by dishes and tables of foie or cheese (at lunchtime) although we are left with the desire to try the restaurant of our own accommodation, the Le Clos d'Amboise (requires prior reservation that can be made online). However, our choice was Creperie Le Vinci and he couldn't be better in front of the castle.

A priori it seems the typical tourist terrace but has all kinds of food, crepes, salads, ...

Restaurants in Blois

HeL'assiette au boeuf and its excellent quality meat orL'embarcadère with their terrace on the banks of the Loire they are famous. However, our choice was theLe clipper, a restaurant with terrace, bar and first floor that is also brassería and where there are all kinds of dishes at very affordable prices

Although it is not normal to recommend pasta, the one we tried with salmon and egg (including its presentation) was to suck your fingers.

Restaurants in Orléans

Possibly the one we liked most of the whole trip was the Le Brin de Zinc, one of the best restaurants in the city although we found a miracle table. It is a very cozy restaurant with a wide menu, from mussels, hamburgers, duck confit, tartar or multiple pates. Desserts are also very varied.

More charming options? The Chancellerie, located in an old diligence post of the 18th century or the same Halles Chatelet Market which is a good alternative to buy some cheese or sausage, a bread and some wine for dinner at night. You also have patisseries where to buy sweets.

What do you think? The Loire Valley looks good to eat, right? And we have not entered to talk about the wines (remember that Paula was pregnant with Olivia on this trip). And you, Have you already been to charming restaurants where to eat in the Loire Valley or have you tried some other typical dish and dare to recommend it? Do it! We promise to update it for future travelers

Paula and Isaac, from the Loire Valley (France)