Sacramento Colony


8'00 !! Nooooooooooo !! How bad it was to get up early. In Spain, in Uruguay or in the chimbambas ... I don't take long to get up. Duchita Light breakfast, checkout (290 UYU) and I get on the road.

Today, like Polonio's day, someone special comes for me. Is called Charles and I have given him thanks to Fernando Semproni (whom I met in Montevideo on DAY 3 TRAVEL). It will take me from Punta del Este to Colonia de Sacramento, the last place I will see before leaving this, already great, Uruguay. Carlos is a cordial person, very affable, always has a smile and also has a very high cultural level. With him I make a journey of about 3 hours with some big head than another, that's why it's almost barely long. I also receive the call from Paco (a friend of the school) that makes me especially excited. !! On the way back we were !!

Upon arrival, and before leaving me in Colonial Colony, it helps me to leave things in the Ship which will take me to Buenos Aires at the end of the day. Then he takes me to see the curious Bullring, of Roman construction in 1910, which barely had 1 inagural run with bullfighters brought from Spain and 7 more, as a decree in 1912 prohibited them.

It is almost appreciated that the sun does not appear much. Today we have reached 33ºC. My mother How hot

I say goodbye to Carlos in the historic center of the city, after a small quick guide that makes me. Thank you very much Carlos, we will see each other again, sure. A hug. There, the first thing I do is ... RETURN! I'm starving. For this I choose "La Pulpería De Los Faroles", one of the most typical of the city. I ask some rabas (squid rings), a pepper loin, a Patricia beer and an ice cream (720 UYU)

Well, start what I like, to kick the city. Colonia de Sacramento really does not have many places, they are few and numbered. Cologne was born in 1680 when Manuel Lobo, a prominent Portuguese military, founded it for its strategic geographical position in the border fights between the Crown of Spain and Portugal that extended over a century. The city passed from one hand to another in many occasions and it shows in the streets pedredizas and cobblestones.

I start where I have eaten, in the May 25 Square, where I can observe the remains of the Viceroy's House. Curiously, Cologne never had Viceroy, so I didn't quite understand the name very well

!! A lighthouse !! Wherever you go up there, I stand there. The views (15 UYU) are not wonderful, but good.

From there, just a few meters walking, I approach to see the Puerta de Campo de Colonia, or Gate of the Citadel. And it is that Colonia was fortified and said door was inaugurated in 1845 with the Portuguese Vascocellos. Now there are only a few remains of the fortification, although Cologne has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, and it shows that everything is well preserved.

Perhaps the most beautiful, or what has impacted me the most is The Street of Sighs, the most emblematic section of the entire historic center. Its construction dates back to the 18th century and the buildings, some with wooden ceiling ceilings as well. The lanterns, which adorn the entire city, are cute. What a shame not to be able to stay at night to see the city illuminated, you must win a lot.

Saving distances and history, it reminds me a little of the city of Trinidad, in Cuba, that we already visited Juve and I (eh Juve, don't cry eh) in the TRIP TO CUBA 2008.

The makeshift routine that I do takes me to the coastal area, specifically for the San Gabriel Walk. Now the sun has opened and it is nice, so I'm going to have a beer that is well needed. Almost goodbye I try a new type of beer that I did not know, also Uruguayan, a Mastral Artesanal.

Following a bit with the idea of ​​showing some "Ports" for Carmen and my father, hahaha, I approach the Natural Port of Colonia, also very small and pleasant to take a walk.

The cars you see are a real pimp too. It is the most fascinating city of the Río de La Plata, for all the history behind it and for its state of conservation.

Finally, and finishing the visit, because I do not want to miss the ferry, I go to the last stop of the city, the oldest church in Uruguay, dated from 1680, the Matrix Church of Colonia de Sacramento, impregnated with different signs of the different periods he has lived.

Well, I have a while to say goodbye to Uruguay. I take the opportunity to write some postcards and buy some gift (347 UYU) and have a quiet water (29 UYU).

Right now I am writing from the Ship that takes me from Cologne to Buenos Aires (THAT HAS FREE WIFI!). It is the only ferry in the world that leaves at 9:30 p.m. and arrives at 9:30 p.m., haha ​​(due to the time change). I've been here the only "miniapuro" that I take on the trip, since in immigration control I have been asked for the entrance card to Uruguay (a few days ago) and I saying ... * card of what? "It turns out that the boat ticket the other day had to be saved. Total , that I have started to scramble the suitcase and as I keep all the tickets, restaurant bills and others, there it was, in any case, the only thing that would have happened to me is to have to pay a fine.

Now I will take a taxi (10 ARS) and to the hotel (UPDATE 23:15 Family and company, I arrived at Hotel Viamonte -COMPLETE ARTICLE ON THE ACCOMMODATION HERE, and I'm going to bed. No problems and with all the "luggage"). The day is over. This short but intense visit to Uruguay has served to re-discover in me that many times it is not necessary to go to see something in particular and that far from the most publicized places there are corners with a special magic (Of course I talk about Cabo Polonio) and places that can compete with anywhere in the world. Any? The journey continues ... and I have more illusions than ever with him.

By the way, Angela writes to me, there are very cold and snow in my next destination and temperatures below zero. And I roasted here like a chicken. Angela? This corresponds to another story. A new chapter opens ...

A bico to allsssssss !! Family, as always, I'm great. This is the sunset that I have seen today, with the ferry coming to get us, a real pimp, like almost all these days. Goodnight!

Isaac, already from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 1,511 UYU (approx 51.57 EUROS) and 10 ARS (approx 2 EUROS)