Midtown East, between movie stages


We are on our way to the week in New York and every day is more intense than the last. Will we endure this rhythm? LOL. However, today we are going to stay closer (this afternoon Christmas begins with the lighting of the tree), for the places to see in Midtown East (remember that we had divided the central area into "New York neighborhoods with detailed maps"in West with Times Square and Hell's Kitchen, East that we are going to see today and the 5th Avenue). We are in an area where, although we have been watching them every day, more movie venues congregate. UPDATED 2018/2019

The Daily Planet of Superman, the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan, the Ghostbusters Public Library or the United Nations Building and the Grand Central Terminal have occupied our morning and, although Paula has promised us that she will make an article for them , we are on our way!

What to see in Midtown East, the movie theater neighborhood

Having left Gramercy and Murray Hill within the division next to Flatiron in what they usually call "Midtown South" and that we will see another day, we chose for today Turtle Bay and Sutton Place, for us the places to see in Midtown East and we stopped complications

As always, you have all the details of each neighborhood in "New York neighborhoods with detailed maps") and in Midtown East, which divides the 5Ave, under Upper East Side and over Flatiron, there were dozens of them. You can really consider that we are in the area that has congregated for years most skyscrapers in the city, as well as hotels and apartment towers, but especially those more historic

It is possible that for this reason (with all these years of history) there are so many scenes of films that come to mind with facades such as the Chrysler Building, the Grand Central Terminal or the fantastic New York Public Library. Our route has been similar to the following ...

And we haven't got up early! Hehe Breakfast that we have stuck in Room Mate Grace before going down some streets from the 45th where we stayed at the 42th in less than 5 minutes. The beginning of our route would be Bryant Park 1, the famous park and the Grace Building right next door

We said in the introduction that Christmas begins today. Really the skating rinks, shop windows and more attractive of these dates take time to be seen, but today it is the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center in the afternoon and the city looks with a special magic, with what we can say that today begins officially Christmas in New York. Do we return in the afternoon to skate in Bryant Park, Paula?

Behind Bryant Park is the New York Library 2 and very close Grand Central Terminal 3 but as we are going to make a circular itinerary and for reasons of schedules (open at 10'00, different schedules according to the days of the week) we have continued through one of those streets where you feel small before those huge moles of buildings likePhilip Morris International 3 of 26 floors or the historicChrysler Building 5

The Chrysler Building, an art deco building With symbols reminiscent of a car, it not only impresses on the outside but deserves a visit to its ostentatious lobby that they let through without problem

African red marble, roof and elevators that amaze anyone and explanations of the elements of a skyscraper that became the tallest in New York, rivaling the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building and whose history of how he achieved 319 m high is curious. When it was over, a 56-meter dome built inside the skyscraper was removed from the sleeve to everyone's amazement.

He could not compete with the Empire State Building, which we will also visit these days, when 1 year later I relegated him to second place. Today they are nothing more than anecdotes, because we talk about 300 meters when there are already buildings of more than 1 km high!


The Ghostbusters, a classic that showed us shots of this famous Library.
Tomorrow, not only did we see the Library on the outside, but thanks to it we also met it on the inside.
Sex and the city (the movie), the failed wedding between Carry and Mr Big would take place in the Library

And in many mythical series: Sex in New York, CSI NY, Smalville, Person of interest ...

But what we were most excited about came at the next stop. A few meters down the street we entered another revolving door of the day. Do you remember the Daily Planet where Superman worked? Well, for the original movie the exterior was the New York Daily News Building 6 And what could you expect from inside?

The famous globe that inspired the top of the building in fiction and also appeared in its lobby in the original saga.

Each time closer to the river we pass before the Ford Foundation 7, the Woodstock Tower or small churches that surprisingly survive the challenge of touching the sky

But it has been best to see how in a few steps the atmosphere of the Midtown East is transformed.

Turtle Bay, the neighborhood to see in Midtown East by the river

Perhaps because he was born from the shipyards where until 1868 they built ships, Turtle Bay, on the banks of the East River and Roosvelt Island, has survived Manhattan from the noise, the busy life of the New Yorker and the big traffic jams. Tudor City 8 It is a clear example, a high-rise apartment complex (the world's first) which takes its name from the English dynasty of the Tudors.

We cross this space of great gardens and tranquility astonished that we thought we would find in Tribeca, Soho or East village, but never at this point in the Big Apple. From above we see the great Headquarters of the United Nations Organization 9 where, although we were not too interested, we decided to enter to make a morning stop after some tedious controls.

The visit is free, full of symbology that we have seen so many times (the famous "ball", the knot of the gun, ...). Even inside you can sign up for a guided tour of the General Assembly or Security Councils, although it was not our goal. What we wanted was to see the first artificial moon on Earth launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union, the Sputnik 1, event that changed the world at that time and kicked off the race to conquer the Moon.

Really, seen in that room, it is bland. With its 83 kg, a sphere of 56 cm in diameter that transmitted for 23 days a continuous "beep" powered by a battery and that is more important for its meaning and innovation in those times. Paula coffee? Do we talk to the family to tell them that we are well?

Getting warm and with a small extra breakfast (USD 9.37), we continue north through Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 10, redesigned in 1999, Japan Society 11, where you can see the lobby garden andThe Trump World 12, another 268 m skyscraper

This little walk is still a subsection, because we meet another beautiful and quiet residential street parallel to the East River, Beekman Place 13

We may be a little heavy insisting on it, but it is really amazing how 2 parallel streets blend in with the noise, the yellow traffic jams of the New York taxis, the sewers that emit smoke from the city subway or the large buildings of Business companies and in a few minutes we have gone into complete silence.

Almost unintentionally we have reached the point we were looking for, one known as the Riverview Terrace 14 which offers some unbeatable views of the Queensboro Bridge and the East River

Ah, what do they sound like? What if we put it in black and white and take it from this perspective?

Indeed, we are at the place where Woody Allen shot the scene of the Manhattan movie with Diane Keaton, although our heading north had ended here.

What is on the other side of the bridge up is Upper East Side and is part of another day and story.


Manhattan, the film that has best captured the essence of New York
Hannah and her sisters, the movie that shows more New York scenes
The cover, the first film that publicly denounced the "witch hunt" carried out in the 50s
Husbands and Women, shows us New York in multiple scenes.
Powerful Aphrodite, Manhattan and the famous FAO Schwarz store are the protagonists.

Park Avenue, the main artery of the upper classes of New York

We continue our route through the places to see in Midtown East. He Lipstick Building 15, of 1986, and the Saint Peter's Church 16 or St. Peter's Lutheran Church, below the Citygroup, are the next prominent buildings that you find almost unintentionally.

I personally had a visit in this area that made me look forward to our trip to Budapest. There we discovered the Great Jewish Synagogue of Dohany Street, the largest in Europe and the second in the world and I always wondered, where will the oldest be? The Central Synagogue 17 It looked beautiful before our eyes, embedded among many other skyscrapers that we could not see its end with the fog that had not just lifted.

It's not just about the largest synagogue in the world, but one of the oldest buildings still standing in the United States, built in 1872 by the Moorish Revival as a copy of the one in Budapest, although it was restored in 2001 after a fire

By the way, we have been very lucky to visit it because it has very strange schedules. Only Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 2pm.

Although the morning had respected us a lot, it was starting to rain somewhat stronger, so the area where the Four Seasons Hotel 18, he Sony Wonder Technology 19 and the IBM Building and the Niketown 20 we decided to leave it for when we go down the 5Ave, so we have set course for the Park Avenue in search of Park Avenue Plaza 21

The St. Bartholomew's Church 22, built between 1872 and 1876, is another of the jewels to see in Midtown East and well worth entering. We are not going to talk about architectural issues because we would bore a dead man and you have it in the wikipedia itself, but tell you that it also has a Christmas market these days

But our next visit had a name and surname, next to the General Electric Buidling 23, the famous Waldorf Astoria 24 which has served as a stage for many others movies like Essence of a Woman or It Happened in Manhattan

The first important film shot entirely in a hotel also emerged in these hallways. His name is Weekend at Waldorf, which we didn't know, but we'll see as soon as we can.

Let no one miss the mosaics of the Main lobby and East lobby clock, where they allow you to access without problems. !! Pouf! Every corner of New York is a stage.

Park Avenue, after setting aside the Helmsley Enterpises Inc 25 ends in the MetLife Building 26, former Pan Am Building, 58 stories high and 246 meters high, but which by its location can be seen from almost the entire main avenue.

This walk among some of the best scenarios to see in Midtown East ended here. !!We loved it!! Relaxed and with many contrasts but, being almost 13'00, there were still two essential places that were waiting for us and we had left as icing on the cake

Grand Central Terminal (and a very special meal)

I am Legend, the Fisher King, Men in Black, the Prince of the Tides, Duplicity, Modern Times, With death on the heels, The untouchables of Eliot Ness, Trapped by his past, Armageddon, Superman, ... and we could follow lines and lines that use this image of the Grand Central Terminal 4 for your movies

They say that the Main Concourse (what has been the main hall) has 21.6 million visits every year.

Every detail, every corner ... its marble stairs, its bronze clock at the ticket office, its golden lamps, its arrival and departure panels or the ceiling that represents the celestial vault with the zodiac signs from October to March and 2500 stars ...

Neither more nor less than 750,000 people pass through "The Gate to Nation" (as they also call it) EVERY DAY, although we are still able to find Paula between so much traffic.

Where are you taking us Paula? Christmas begins today and Paula doesn't want to miss even half the details. The Grand Central Terminal market opens at 10 am and every year is one of the most visited in New York

It does not have much to do with the traditional European markets, Christmas balls or figures for the Bethlehem, but it is equally picturesque with real gifts, as Paula says "cuquiños", which will not be missing in our purchase of the day, including the famous covered pretzels Chocolate (25 USD)

But if we wanted something in Grand Central Terminal, and more at the time it is, it is to eat in one of the movie stages to see in Midtown East par excellence. The Upper floors have become home to some of New York's best known restaurants distributed between their balconies

Charlie Palmer's Metrazur, Cipriani Dolci or Oyster Bar and Restaurant are some of them but ours we had chosen before entering, the Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.

NEW YORK RESTAURANTS | MIDTOWN EAST: Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C., restaurant owned by the famous NBA basketball player in the north box of the station that pays tribute to the glamorous train trips, in particular, to the 20th Century Limited. In fact it has a design that reminds a lot of the dining room of these trains

Outside it also has a bar on the West balcony, but we had read so much of the burger on this site (expensive, of course, no one doubts it) that we did not want to miss on this first trip through New York and on the Christmas opening, hitting us this whim. A starter of the house and some nachos with guacamole were the appetizers ...

And the hamburger? The best we've had in our lives! Made in the wood-fired oven it gives it a crispy, but tasty and juicy outside, with melted cheese and potatoes. Poufs! I am suffering from writing it

The evening was one of our travel memories with an expensive recipe, including drinks and desserts, of USD 78, but that we would certainly repeat once and a thousand times for both the food and the privileged place, very different to those recommended in the guides. Long live Michael Jordan!

Although the route was over in the morning, we were very close to the Metlife so we decided to see its Christmas decoration and its main hall

All Manhattan looks beautiful at this time and there is no detail missing, although our legs already had a final goal set

The New York Public Library, one of the most important in the world

If I have to highlight a movie, it would certainly be Ghostbusters of the first that would come to mind (already in Tribeca we saw the headquarters) but there are many others who have used theNew York Public Library 2 for its shootings, both interior and Famous Lions Patience and Strength, as they were renamed after the crisis of the 30s because they were the virtues that New Yorkers should have to overcome it and that today, in addition, also look like Christmas.

As does the first room that receives us. We are still surprised as in these public places, as well as in the bookstores that we have been seeing these days, there is no lack of an improvised cafeteria in some corner.

The building, conceived in 1897 and opened in 1911, is considered as one of the great treasures of the United States, with more than 3 million books with some jewels such as the Gutenberg Bible, a 1493 letter from Christopher Columbus, the first edition of Shakespeare's manuscripts, the farewell speech by George Washington and a first draft of the Jefferson Declaration of Independence, as well as exquisite decoration and paintings in All its rooms.

We were a little sorry unable to see La Rose Main Reading Room, the famous room of more films like Breakfast with diamonds, Sex in New York or the recent Tomorrow, in an apocalyptic future where it is the scene of much of the plot as it serves as a refuge for the protagonists. The reason is that it remains closed for restoration and its opening is not planned until May 2016 (the photos are of Shuttershock)

Here it ended one of the most beautiful routes through the movie stages (and much more) what to see in Midtown East but, as we told you in the introduction, today Christmas begins and that means igniting the tree and magic in the city ... but it is part of a story that Paula will soon bring

(Continue on DAY 6 (II) - Skating in Bryant Park (Christmas begins))