Car rental in Alsace: comparison and prices


One of the big questions we asked ourselves to prepare our trip to Alsace by car it was definitely the car rental. Finally we choose to use the comparator or car rental search engine of which you have more information in our section of holiday offers, but there are many more tips and opinions to tell you, especially when it comes to doing so in the Basel-Mulhouse airport.

And why is it so complex? The fact that this airport has a Swiss side and a French side, makes the decision have to meditate a couple of details

Swiss or French side to hire car rental in Alsace?

It is advisable to know a series of important details before making the decision:

- He swiss side, as a general rule, it usually has somewhat higher prices. In return, it offers in its cars the winter wheels included in the price and the sticker for driving on the Swiss highways (Vignette or vignette, mandatory use).

- He french side, however, it usually has cheaper prices on their rental vehicles and if we know that our route will not include roads in poor condition or the Swiss country may also be a good option

What to decide? When we went in the snowy season we had no doubt and we chose to rent the car on the Swiss side but if we had gone in another time and the route only took us to the Alsace area, it is possible that we would have chosen the French.

How to get your bearings at the airport to get out or get to the right side? As we arrived on the day of our arrival, the Basel-Mulhouse airport It is not excessively large and quite intuitive.

Once the luggage is collected, some posters will indicate where to go. In case of leaving the wrong side it is not very difficult to return to the correct one, since you just have to go up the stairs to the exit floor and change sides and go back down. Simple no?

Which car rental company to choose?

If like us, you don't feel a special predilection for a specific company, then the time has come to use a car rental search engine or comparator in which it has been difficult for us to trust but has finally achieved it based on our own experiences. We talk about Rentalcars, with which we have achieved up to 15% discount (both for us and for readers) as we explain in the article and that you get the best guaranteed prices thanks to the fact that you work with all the companies. You have your direct discount here ...

And is this true? Well, we have checked. Simulation for April 1 to 5 (Easter 2015) company by company of a compact car (Audi A1, Focus, Golf, Astra) at Basel Airport (Swiss side) - you can make your own comparison also for the French side or other airports-)

This article is customized for Alsace (France), which is the travel diary we are in, but you can do this simulation or use the discount with most countries in the world (United States, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, ...)

In this way directly on the website of Europcar, the simulation gives us options for approximately 327 euros, Avis around the 348 euros and Sixt by 343 euros.

In the same simulation with Rentalcars and using the link provided to key readers, the prices already appear with the discounts applied, being able to get the same type of car (Golf in this case) for € 304.55 with the same Europcar but also giving us options with companies that we would never have considered.

In addition, we have a number of added advantages such as having free cancellation until a few days before our departure

Why choose Rentalcars instead of another comparator or directly another company?

Well, mainly for an economic reason. At least for us it was the main choice in this trip to Alsace. Why pay more for exactly the same service? Dont have much sense. Maybe if the difference was between an unknown company and Europcar we would have had more doubts, but in this case the procedures were also as usual. Rentalcars works as Booking for hotel reservations (in fact, it is the most famous because it belongs to the same company) but it is only a comparator of car rentals and all it does is search among all the companies that provide said rentals and show them in an organized way. If you search on the Internet then you read things criticizing the comparator but talking about Sixt, Goldcar or AVIS, and that is just the provider you have chosen but just like if you book with a hotel in New York and you don't like breakfast. Rentalcars only works in your purchase, cancellation or money back process in case you have Premium Coverage and the company has charged you something. You have much more explained in the articleRentalcars car rental discount

But in addition, there are several added values ​​that make us think that rentalcars is a good option:

- They guarantee the best price and even in their advertising they say that if you find or get a better price (rarely), you write to them and they improve the offer

- They explain how they get these prices, and that is They work with high volume of reservations and can negotiate better than us individually with the companies themselves.

- The process seems to us simple, fast and intuitive, and already the same search engine filters you all the companies available at the airport.

- It can cancel the reservation until dates close to your departure (It depends on the company chosen but it already puts you when you get the list, usually up to 48 hours before), which allows you to plan your trip and cancel it for free if you had that need or else modify your dates.

- He customer service works excellently (At least we responded very well when we had to use it in the trip to Israel and Palestine)

- UPDATE: For a while now they give you the option of a Premium coverage that is nothing other than a private protection insurance from on the car you rent and we always take it. Now we have also had our own experience with it and have responded by returning in less than a week the 405 EUR that AVIS had not charged for damages. You already have the article available

Up to 15% discount with Keys

From this last experience in Alsace, and after talking with the people of Rentalcars we are proud to be able to tell you that you can get up to 15% DISCOUNT ON CAR RENTAL by clicking on the link above or on the following one, that it serves for any reader as well as for ourselves.

Click DISCOUNT UP TO 15% directly on the web - RENTALCARS

Remember to tell us your own experience, both for Alsace (remember that you have all our daily in the menu on the right or directly in our) and with the car rental to serve future travelers. It is very important for us, since these types of recommendations are always complicated (we have had a good experience and we believe that this will be the case for everyone, but if this does not happen we want to know).