Trip to Venice in 3 days (ideas and preparations)


I still have the image in my head of Paula with Oli in my arms, watching with some melancholy a beautiful sunset over Venice from the distance of the hotel near the airport in our recent trip to Slovenia (in which we took the car here but did not get off). Maybe that was the definitive push for The Magi on January 6, who are very wise, will bring you this getaway half carnival, half Paula's birthday and half season not so tall in this unique city, a city that feels on a cruise scale but that catches you when you can enjoy a trip to Venice for at least 3 days. That will have to they all want to compare with her? The Venice of the North in Belgium or Stockholm, that of the East in Suzhou or Lake Inle, the Portuguese in Aveiro, the little Venice of Colmar, the Australian in Gold Cost and other tens. Venice there is only one ... or two, because this is our third trip to Venice (which lacked daily and now will have it) and we know that when you let your feet take you away from the most tourist areas, that most mysterious appears, of canals and alleyways that hide multiple legends and stories and that we will meet these days with little Oli

A first glimpse of the trip to Venice

TRAVELLERS:We will be Paula, Isaac and Oli (now with 15 months) in family. You can follow us on the social networks of Chavetas (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tripadvisor) -Paula will also take the stories of Venice.

TRAVEL TIME: It will be from March 2, 2019 to March 8, 2019 that really are 5 useful although of them we will use 3 for visits, 1 to enjoy Carnival and another will be for us to enjoy Paula's birthday.

TYPE OF TRAVEL: Family travel. Travel for free.

ITINERARY:It will be updated in the "Travel Journal" section

Could the trip to Venice be reduced to 2 days and even 1 day? Although we will tell you Venice in 3 days and we will give you useful information in case you want to do it at Carnival, and although we recommend having at least those 3 nights in the city, it is possible to visit the main attractions of Venice in 2 and 1 day (articles coming soon )

MAIN TRANSPORTATION: Although for the recent trip to Slovenia we use Iberia's services, this time it will be Air Europa in charge of the main flights between A Coruña and Venice Marco Polo Airport, with stopover in Madrid

SECONDARY TRANSPORTS: It will not be a tight budget Venice although we will look for all the options. That means that, for the first time, we will do the transfer from the airport to the chosen hotel in watertaxi, much more comfortable for Oli. We will also use a7 day transport card because pulling a calculator compensates us and it is very possible that little Oli enjoys hergondola ride through the canals although we will decide that there on the fly.

ACCOMMODATIONS:It will be updated in the "Accommodations" section. On our third trip to Venice and being Paula's birthday, we wanted to be in the heart of the city but without leaving our wallet. What do you think of a Family hotel located next to a canal with its bridge, nestled between alleyways, in which we have taken a room overlooking the canal itself Does it include breakfast? His name is Mercury Hotel, is 5 minutes from San Marcos, 7 minutes from Rialto and nothing from a jetty and has all the ballots that will be one of the protagonists of this trip

TRAVEL INSURANCE:It goes without saying that travelers' travel insurance cannot be missing and more with little Olivia. We have taken the family option this time for 62.50 euros all three with the option of cancellation. From here you have 5%

LANGUAGE: Italian.
CARDS: Commonly used at both ATMs and payment methods
PHONE: Any company works perfectly and without roaming.
INTERNET: There are multiple free WIFI throughout Venice.
SECURITY: Regular precautions of any European city where there is a lot of tourism.
VACCINES: It is not necessary any
ELECTRICITY: The voltage is 230 V at 50 Hz with type F plug. That is, as in Spain
TIME DIFFERENCE: The same as in Spain.
RELIGION: Mostly Christian Catholic

The objectives of the trip to Venice in 3 days (and peak)

Of course that will not be missing sestiere of San Marcos and the main attractions that we all know about Venice (St. Mark's Basilica, Ducale Palace, Rialto Bridge, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Basilica di Santa María della Salute ...) ...

... but on this trip we want to get lost more than ever because of those streets that seem forgotten and suddenly lead to a large square that leaves you speechless, especially for Cannaregio and Castello

We also want to know more in depth the Dorsoduro neighborhood And why not, reach the island of Giudecca. Did you know that the main scenarios of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are here? Why not continue honoring the logo and visit them all?

There will also be a short break to Murano and Burano, those towns of colored houses that surely attract Olivia's attention like none

And we will look for those charming restaurants, those mask or craft workshops that we know are left, that shipyard of gondolas of Squero di San Trovaso that still survives the times or those special stores beyond the Acqua Alta Bookshop.

We do not know what the time and labyrinth of canals and alleys of Venice will hold for us but we have always been quite lucky in all of it. Of course, have detailed maps with everything located for your future trip.

Carnival of Venice, a partial vision of a Venetian tradition

We have always seen the Carnivals of Venice as a unique moment for what it represents and what we wanted to know. However, mass tourism in a city that only knows the high and very high seasons has always pushed us back. That is why we are going to try this trip to take a first partial view of the Carnival of Venice in its last 3 days, leaving another 3 already out of it (including Paula's birthday that we will celebrate here).

We do not know if with little Olivia we can attend one of its most special events such as the Lion Svolo, the Maria del Carnaval Prize or the Volo dell'angelo, which take place on those days ...

… But surely we can enjoy many masks and multiple street shows in the historic center of Venice that will surprise the little girl (and ourselves). Are you coming with us to Venice at Carnival? Of course, all the preparations, starting with the list of things to do and the detailed maps, these days in

Isaac, Paula and little Oli, traveling to Venice in 3 days